Monthly Archives: October 2019

What can your donation do?

Donations large and small are a great help to Access Press. Here are some ways donations help. 

$30 Donation Covers a one-year subscription for a low-income person with a disability. Our office receives many calls for people with disabilities who enjoy the newspaper, cannot afford to subscribe and cannot read it online. A gift subscription is a wonderful way to help the newspaper help its readers.

$100 Donation Maintain one of many drop sites we have for Access Press in the community. We field many requests for drop sites and cannot accommodate them all.

$250 Donation Helps cover the costs of writers and photographers for each issue.

$350 Donation Covers the costs of one month’s mailing, so our newspaper can be sent to Greater Minnesota destinations.

$500 Donation Covers part of designing the print edition each month. Along with donations during our matching gifts drive, it’s also crucial for Access Press readers to continue to support and thank our advertisers. This issue is one in which we feature the Directory of Organizations. Many disability service businesses and organizations advertise services in the directory, which provides valuable one-stop shopping for our community members. Our print and online advertisers also help bring our readers the newspaper and website. Thank our advertisers the next time you do business with them. And if you patronize a disability community business that isn’t an advertiser, please put in a good word for Access Press. Thank you for your support! 

You are not alone. Minnesota Autism Resource Portal.