30 Years and Still Dancing

Square dancing in wheelchairs has been a long-standing passion for many of us from the disability community. Our club,“Perfect Squares,” came about in 1975 when a caller started calling voluntarily at a rehab care facility. Many local residents with physical disabilities came to participate. However, they were pushed through the dance calls by abled-bodied people. A couple of individuals felt they could maneuver their own wheelchairs and launched Perfect Squares. A short time later, our newly formed club appeared at a “Singles Convention” in downtown Minneapolis. The very first national convention we attended was in Atlantic City!

Through the years, members would leave and new dancers join. We traveled to some fantastic places to participate in state and national square dance conventions. The Hawaiian State Convention held in Honolulu back in 1983 will truly remain our favorite. After we participated in their three-day event, we all cruised around the islands for eight days on “The S.S. Constitution!” We even square danced on the ship! We all have so many fond memories!

Warren Berquam was our original caller and mentor until around the year of 2000, when he became quite ill and passed away. Warren was very talented, calling for many other square dance clubs as well. He also had his own “Callers Lab,” where he taught others to be callers. One of his students, Karen Novak, we chose as his successor.

Our club has changed quite a bit over time. We no longer travel to state conventions nor to any of the nationals. We do, however, participate in local parades and at our own MN State Fair! We also perform for numerous special events around the Twin Cities. (For booking, use contacts below.)

You probably have seen previous announcements from us in Access Press: Perfect Squares is looking for adult wheelchair users to square dance. No experience? We will teach you. Participants must be able to push (or control) their own wheelchair – manual or power – safely. Please see the schedule in the box (below) and join us. We also hope you can catch our club performing sometime. Call Sheila to find out the exact dates and times of our State Fair performances. Happy square dancing!