Letters to the Editor - March 2005

Dear Editor:

Thanks again for the extensive coverage of the CDCS issue in your last edition. Below is an update from one of the families who was featured in the CDCS story — the mother of Paul Schneider. I’m wondering if there’s a chance of printing an update about this story in your next issueMike Gude, The Arc of Minnesota


Steve and Mike,

I have just learned that my son’s care under his new SILS waiver arrangement will NOT cost $110,000 as I was previously advised. It will probably be half that much which is much closer to what his care costs were under the CDCS option.

With this in mind I ask that you not use Paul’s story any longer. While many issues of CDCS are highlighted in his story, the thing people always focus on is the huge increase in cost of regular waivered services over the CDCS option.

There are many questions I have – is Paul’s care being adequately funded, are his caretakers being properly compensated-and so there may still be a story. Until I have all the facts at hand, please do not use Paul’s story on the web site or in any of your promotions.

Mary Fenske