A pooled trust preserves money and protects eligibility for benefits

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You can avoid the need to spend down financial assets in order to qualify for benefits with a Pooled Trust account. 

For almost four decades, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota has been helping individuals with disabilities preserve financial assets while protecting eligibility for benefits such as Medicaid (medical assistance), Social Security Income or other public benefits. 

A Pooled Trust account is a financial investment tool containing the assets of an individual with disabilities. It can preserve financial assets — like proceeds from the sale of a house or an inheritance — that would otherwise need to be part of a spend down to qualify for benefits. 

An individual’s funds are “pooled” together with the resources of other individuals for investment purposes – that is the Pooled Trust. Each individual has their own account within the Pooled Trust that contains their financial assets. 

A Pooled Trust account can be established and funded by the individual or by family and friends. The funds can only be used for the benefit of the beneficiary – helping protect individuals from potential exploitation and improving quality of life. 

Consider these real-life illustrations of how individuals chose to spend funds from their LSS Pooled Trust accounts:  

  • D’Angelo purchased his own car, fulfilling a dream fueled by the mutual love of cars he shared with his father. 
  • Emma was thrilled when she got to meet “Elvis” – at an Elvis festival. Bringing home souvenirs and purchasing meals of her choice while traveling made her trip more memorable. 
  • Born with Down syndrome and autism, Indigo found great pleasure in working with horses as well as improved coordination and speech with Equine therapy. 
  • Skye’s mental health improved significantly when they purchased their own home after an auto accident left them with a traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress and depression. 

*Names have been changed to protect privacy. 

Example of expenses that can be paid from a Pooled Trust 

Funds from Pooled Trust accounts can be used for many things that make life more pleasurable. 

"Pooled Trust funds can help enhance quality of life."

Art or music lessons. Vacations. Social or recreational opportunities. Education. Appropriate entertainment expenses. Car purchase or repair. Pet care expenses. Medical or personal services not covered by public benefits.

Benefits of a Pooled Trust Account with LSS 

  • Efficient, professional management by LSS Pooled Trust experts – we take care of the details so you don’t have to. 
  • Accounts can be established quickly. 
  • Pooling funds can command better interest rates compared to many other investment options. 
  • Individuals and family members don’t need to become a trustee or gain expertise in trust management. 

Two kinds of LSS Pooled Trusts: 

Special Needs and Supplemental Needs Pooled Trusts are designed specifically to benefit people with disabilities and must be administered by a non-profit organization. 

  • Special Needs/First-party: the funds in the trust account come from personal injury settlements, retroactive disability payments, an inheritance or savings. 
  • Supplemental Needs /Third-party: the funds in the trust account come from family and friends to provide financial gifts or an inheritance. 

Protect your future. 

Putting money in a Pooled Trust instead of doing a spend down or risking losing benefits makes good sense for supporting a sound financial future. It can provide the freedom to purchase experiences like vacations or educational opportunities that might otherwise be unaffordable. Therapeutic or medical services not covered by benefits can help improve overall health and well-being; many can be funded from a Pooled Trust account. 

Lutheran Social Service Pooled Trust provides trustworthy, reliable service with professional, experienced trust advisors. 

We are bonded and insured to protect your interests. 

We work closely with attorneys and other professionals. 

We are knowledgeable about Medicaid and Social Security so you don’t need to keep up on any changes. We will ensure disbursements from your account meet all legal requirements to protect your eligibility for benefits. 

Our comprehensive trust services have low administration and investment fees. 
And, we have time-tested financial and reporting systems in place, so you can rest assured your money is being handled with safety and integrity. 

To inquire about opening an account: call 888.806.6844 or email: [email protected] 

To learn more about LSS Pooled Trust, visit lsspooledtrust.org/access

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