Access Press Reader Profile – October 1991

NAME:  George H. Rosenquist, Jr. AGE:  46 DISABILITY:  Multiple Sclerosis SINCE:  Age 34 OUTLOOK:  Initially scared, confused.  “I thought I […]

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NAME:  George H. Rosenquist, Jr.

AGE:  46

DISABILITY:  Multiple Sclerosis

SINCE:  Age 34


Initially scared, confused.  “I thought I was one of Jerry’s Kids”.  Has become resigned to the progressive effects of the disease, but is determined to remain active and productive.  Most difficult aspect: uncertainty of future.  In spite of prognosis, retains quick wit, busy lifestyle.


Former travel agency owner.  Currently full-time accessibility issues advocate.  Ex-Officio member of the Board of Directors of the Downtown Council; member of the Minneapolis Advisory Committee for Community Council and the Minneapolis Downtown Marketing Committee.  Helped to coordinate last year’s Aquatennial Accessibility Exhibit.  Sold home in Edina six years ago, moved to Crossings condo to be closer to where the action is.


Succeeded in helping to raise awareness of accessibility issues in the downtown area.  City-owned skyways now have power doors; new privately-owned skyways being installed with power doors.  (“The ADA helped”.)  Virtually all skyways now accessible.  Surveyed downtown area for curb cuts six years ago; found 58 needed, nearly all of which have no been installed.


Make Minneapolis into an international leader in accessibility for persons with disabilities.  “We’re well on our way”.  Convention Center, Target Center already “state-of-the-art”.  Wants to continue contributing the successful raising of his 11-year-old son, find a compatible lady friend (A “knockout” with M.S.), and travel where and when possible.

"Be ready for your Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare renewal - Important information enclosed"
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