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National News (U.S.) 1.    Dining out with disabilities in Montana no easy task; Advocates call for ADA compliance- June 6, 2024 […]

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National News (U.S.)

1.    Dining out with disabilities in Montana no easy task; Advocates call for ADA compliance- June 6, 2024 Source: KTVQ

Snacking on chips and salsa seems pretty simple, but if you’re a person with disabilities at a local establishment, and the seating isn’t in compliance, it’s a problem. It can even become a mountain too difficult to climb. Summer baseball and ADA compliance are the topics at hand for Billings friends and fellow disability advocates Ernie Lee and Mitch Bohn. “How are you guys today?” says the server at Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurant on King Avenue in Billings. “Here’s some chips and salsa for you.”…

2.    These disabled people tried to play by the rules. It cost them their federal benefits- June 8, 2024 Source: NPR

The thing that got Karen Williams into trouble was that she tried to do the responsible thing and bought a life insurance policy that would pay for her funeral. The Philadelphia woman had seen family members scramble to find money — begging friends or starting GoFundMe campaigns — to pay the high cost of burying a loved one. Williams didn’t want to burden her children. She had no idea that buying that insurance would get her caught up in an antiquated federal rule — an “asset limit” — that snares more than 100,000 of America’s poorest disabled and elderly every year, often with dire consequences…

3.    New ADA drop-off zones are coming to the Capitol, but barriers remain- June 10, 2024 Source: Roll Call

Jim Langevin is used to finding workarounds. “I’m pretty resilient. I adapt,” the former congressman said in a recent interview. “As someone with a disability, it’s what we do every day.” When he first arrived at the Capitol in January 2001, old buildings and cramped offices created a hodgepodge of obstacles for the first quadriplegic to serve in Congress. On the House floor, an adjustable lectern allowed Langevin to deliver speeches, and the Architect of the Capitol removed two seats to create a place for him to park his wheelchair…

4.    Judge David Tatel on becoming the blind role model he never had- June 11, 2024 Source: NPR

If you showed up to arguments in the D.C. Circuit Appeals Court near the end of Judge David Tatel’s career, you might have noticed something unusual before the judge entered the room. On his chair, there was a dog treat. A law clerk put it there each day so Tatel’s guide dog, Vixen, would know which seat the judge was assigned to. Judge Tatel recently retired from the court after nearly three decades on the bench, and he has written a book called “Vision: A Memoir Of Blindness And Justice.”…

5.    Framingham has named a middle school auditorium for woman who promoted accessibility- June 14, 2024 Source: The MetroWest Daily News

Cameron Middle School marked the beginning of Karen Foran Dempsey’s advocacy. Now the school is giving back by naming its auditorium for Dempsey, due to her work in making Framingham more accessible. The idea was first presented by Framingham School Committee member Adam Freudberg. The auditorium was chosen due to it being unnamed and an accessible gathering space. Dempsey previously served on the School Committee, was a Town Meeting member and founded the Framingham Disability Commission before her death at age 54 on Christmas Eve in 2020…

6.    Brooklyn Park Hosts Twins Fantasy Camp for Adaptive Athletes- June 14, 2024 Source: CCX Media

Young Twins fans got a home run of a deal in Brooklyn Park Friday morning. At the third annual Minnesota Twins Fantasy Camp, kids with intellectual and physical disabilities played an exciting game of adaptive softball. Each kid got the chance to hit the ball and run the bases. They also practiced different baseball and softball skills in groups earlier that morning. Todd Anderson Field in Brooklyn Park hosted the event. Built in 2012, it’s the only wheelchair softball field in Minnesota…

7.    Disney fans say changes to disability program exclude many people who were previously covered- June 14, 2024 Source: NBC

Disney fans with disabilities say the company’s new restrictions on a system that previously allowed people with many kinds of disabilities to avoid standing in long lines for rides have now excluded many disabled people who previously had access to it. The new rules limit the service to only people with a “developmental disability such as autism or a similar disorder,” according to the Disability Access Service (DAS) policy. Previously, the policy allowed any guests “who have difficulty tolerating extended waits in a conventional queue environment due to a disability” to register for DAS…

8.    How a 215-Year-Old UWS Church Continues to Flourish: ‘Accessibility’ and a ‘Desire to Serve’- June 17, 2024 Source: West Side Rag

The atmosphere was festive last week inside of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church on the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and West 99th Street. The church, which first opened on the same Upper West Side corner in 1807, held an event for locals on Thursday to highlight the recent improvements that have taken place within the landmarked building. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, St. Michael’s has undergone a renovation project that has seen the following upgrades take place…

9.    Justice Department Secures Agreements with Texas Counties to Ensure Election Website Accessibility for People with Disabilities- June 17, 2024 Source: Department of Justice

a.    Justice Department Secures Agreements with Smith County to Ensure Election Website Accessibility for People with Disabilities- June 17, 2024 Source: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Texas

b.    Justice Department secures agreement with Texas county to make election website accessible to people with disabilities- June 18, 2024 Source: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Texas

c.     Justice Department secures agreement with Upton County to make election website accessible to people with disabilities- June 18, 2024 Source: Odessa American & CBS7

d.    Justice Department Files Statements of Interest in Two Voting Access Lawsuits- June 18, 2024 Source: U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Ohio & SOI

e.     Justice Department Finds Alaska Discriminates Against Voters with Disabilities- June 18, 2024 Source: Department of Justice

f.      Alaska did not provide accessible voting for those with disabilities, US Justice Department alleges- June 18, 2024 Source: AP

g.    DOJ Finds Alaska’s Elections Aren’t Accessible For Voters with Disabilities- June 20, 2024 Source: Democracy Docket

h.    Disabled Alaskans encountered barriers in recent elections, Justice Department investigation finds- June 18, 2024 Source: Alaska Beacon

i.      US justice department finds Alaska discriminated against disabled voters- June 18, 2024 Source: Jurist

The Justice Department announced today that the Civil Rights Division and U.S. Attorneys’ Offices for the Eastern, Northern, Southern and Western Districts of Texas secured settlement agreements with Colorado County, Runnels County, Smith County and Upton County to resolve the department’s findings that the counties violated Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by maintaining election websites that discriminate against individuals with vision or manual disabilities…

10. OCR finds pandemic-era Section 504 violations in Michigan- June 18, 2024 Source: K-12 Dive

The Michigan Department of Education gave school districts pandemic-era guidance that was inconsistent with Section 504 rules and ”exacerbated and contributed to the harm to students with disabilities,” according to the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. In a 25-page notice of an “opportunity for a hearing” sent to Michigan’s assistant attorney general last month, OCR said the state violated Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the federal civil rights law that protects people against disability discrimination…

11. Justice Department Finds That Utah Violates Federal Civil Rights Law by Segregating People with Disabilities- June 18, 2024 Source: Department of Justice

a.    Justice Department Announces State of Missouri violated Title II of Americans with Disabilities Act- June 18, 2024 Source: Department of Justice & Findings Report (PDF)

The Justice Department announced today its findings that Utah is violating the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by unnecessarily segregating youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) during the day, instead of helping them find work and spend their days in their communities. The department found that the State relies on segregated settings, such as sheltered workshops and day facilities, where people with I/DD have limited interaction with people without disabilities and have little choice in how to spend their time…

12. Blind Access-A-Ride users face challenges finding their rides- June 18, 2024 Source: NY1

Helen Murphy depends on the MTA’s paratransit program, Access-A-Ride, to get around, including to important doctor’s appointments. But not only that, she can’t see when her ride arrives. “I need to call out and assist because I’m legally blind,” Murphy said. The Access-A-Ride driver would need to get out and help lead her to the vehicle. But she said that doesn’t always happen. “May 16 I had an important meeting with my kidney doctor about dialysis,” Murphy recalled…

13. Public Advocate Advances Bill To Support NYC Students, Staff With Disabilities- June 18, 2024 Source: Public Advocate –

Over 30 years after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted, New York City schools have lagged far behind the law in accessibility. With less than a third of public schools fully accessible for people with disabilities, Public Advocate Williams is advancing his bill to require transparency on the city’s ADA compliance in school facilities.  “Many students with disabilities are barred from attending their neighborhood schools because of inaccessible infrastructure,” said Public Advocate Jumaane D. Williams at a City Council hearing of the Committee on Education this afternoon…

14. Disneyland’s updated Disability Access Service program policy goes into effect- June 18, 2024 Source: KTLA

Disneyland’s updated Disability Access Service program went into effect on Tuesday. Disneyland and Walt Disney World in Florida unveiled their updated DAS policy in April. The changes aim to curb the misuse of the widely used program which resulted in longer attraction queues and backed-up Genie+ lanes for guests in the past. Officials hope the changes will allow guests who need the service to use it. Here’s what guests need to know about the new changes…

15. Past wrongs leave little confidence in the next chapter of Nebraska Developmental Disability programs- June 18, 2024 Source: Nebraska Public Media

Near St. Paul, Gage Scarborough sits on the couch at his dad’s farmhouse in central Nebraska, watching his favorite all-star wrestlers duke it out on a replay from earlier in the week. The 22-year-old weighs about 70 lbs. He is a big fan of Cody Rhodes and asked his dad for a version of his championship belt. His old, blue wheelchair sits in the corner of the living room which is good for quick trips to town and for getting around the house. Gage’s new motorized chair is in the entry room. He uses it for longer drives…

16. Plans to build more roads on public lands will help disabled Americans, Mike Lee says. Disabled hikers disagree.- June 19, 2024 Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah Sen. Mike Lee is spearheading legislation he says will allow more people to access America’s natural wonders — by building more roads atop them. While Lee contends the Outdoor Americans with Disabilities Act will make outdoor access more equitable, some disability advocates told The Salt Lake Tribune that the effort felt disingenuous and played into stereotypes they are trying to dispel. Syren Nagakyrie, founder and director of the nonprofit Disabled Hikers, called the bill “a blatant attempt to scapegoat disability as an excuse to build more roads.”…

17. How to Make Nature Accessible to Everyone in Pittsburgh- June 19, 2024 Source: Pittsburgh Magazine

Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is revolutionizing Frick Park’s accessibility for visitors with disabilities with a new Outdoor Sensory Classroom and Nature Play Trail, slated to open this fall. Nestled amidst lush greenery behind the Frick Environmental Center on Beechwood Boulevard in Squirrel Hill, this innovative space aims to offer a blend of tactile, auditory and visual experiences to stimulate the senses and foster a deeper connection with the environment…

18. My daughter has a disability. This is the reaction from strangers I hate the most- June 20, 2024 Source: Today

My 40-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability. Over the years, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard, “God only gives special needs children to special people.” I’ve often found myself biting my tongue, resisting the urge to retort: “Add that to the list of things God forgot to give.” But I’ve never done that. I’m not brave enough. Instead, I offer a polite nod, maybe a “thank you,” and seethe with resentment. These well-intentioned sentiments often come across as complimentary — but honestly, they annoy me, and I am sure I’m not alone…

19. The Evolution of the Americans With Disabilities Act- June 20, 2024 Source: National Conference of State Legislatures

The Americans with Disabilities Act is about more than just creating accommodations for people with disabilities. “One of the biggest things the ADA has done is let people with disabilities out,” disabilities rights lawyer Eve Hill says. “Out of their homes. Out of institutions. Out into the workplace.” Hill joined Nevada Assemblywoman Tracy Brown-May on NCSL’s “Our American States” podcast. Both say they have seen firsthand how the 1990 law has influenced people’s lives…

20. Ensuring the equal participation of people with disabilities in peace processes- June 20, 2024 Source: Political and Peacebuilding Affairs- United Nations

Involving people with disabilities in prevention and peacebuilding must be part of efforts to build sustainable peace. But physical, communication, institutional and attitudinal barriers continue to undermine their right to a seat at the negotiating table. Over a billion people around the world have a disability, and more than half of them live in areas affected by armed conflicts. Civilians with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to conflict-related risks, including forcible displacement, hunger and violence…

21. Disability inclusion: 22 billion reasons for you to act- June 20, 2024 Source: PR Week

CDC statistics show that 26% of Americans identify as having a disability. That’s 61 million people. That’s a staggering $22 billion worth of disposable income. “Disability inclusion is the right thing to do,” asserts Easterseals’ Nancy Weintraub, who introduces these statistics to kick off this roundtable. “At the end of the day, though, it also makes good business sense.” This group was convened to speak tactically about how to move the needle on this crucial issue…

Jack Fact  According to AARP, roughly 6 in 10 people who are blind or visually impaired in the U.S. are 65 or older, and more than a quarter of U.S. adults 71 and older are visually impaired.


Hit The Road Jack — Hotel accessibility: Equal access & The Guide to Flying With a Wheelchair & Explore 5 Accessible Parks in the National Park System

International News

1.    The number of older Australians waiting for a home care package has increased to over 68,000- June 6, 2024 Source: ABC- Australia

The number of Australians waiting for a home care package has increased to more than 68,000, with departmental officials conceding it is becoming harder to access the scheme. Home care packages (HCP) allow older Australians to access a range of services in their own home, to either delay or avoid moving into residential aged care. Supports can include nursing, food preparation, assistance with personal hygiene and cleaning. Senate estimates were told that by the end of last month, 68,109 people had been approved for a home care package but were waiting for the support…

2.    Only 2.3% of UK chargers accessible for motorists with disabilities- June 11, 2024 Source: Motor Trader- UK

Only 2.3% of the UK’s on-street EV chargers are adapted to be accessible for disabled motorists, according to Freedom of Information research by Vauxhall. The new findings assessed the extent of consideration for disabled drivers by local authorities when installing on-street residential chargers. James Taylor, MD, Vauxhall, said: “As this new research very clearly demonstrates, accessibility is an area of electric vehicle charging infrastructure which requires immediate attention…

3.    Blind architect student designs urban spaces accessible to all- June 12, 2024 Source: FOX41 Yakima- England

A blind architect student uses her own experience of visual impairment to design urban spaces that are “more accessible for all.” Emily Annakin, 23, has lost most of her sight through Stargardt disease – a form of juvenile macular degeneration which means she has no central vision. She is now a UWE Bristol Architecture and Planning student and as part of her final degree course redesigned part of Bristol Harbourside. Emily, from Wolverhampton, said: “Being blind has given me a different perspective on how people interact with their environment, and I want to use that to create a more inclusive and accessible urban space…

4.    Labour launches its manifesto with promises on disability and accessibility- June 13, 2024 Source: Disability Rights- UK

The Labour party launched its manifesto for the General Election. Whilst there was no BSL interpreter on the stage with Keir Starmer, one was visible when viewing online. Speaking in Manchester, Labour leader Keir Starmer sought to reassure voters with a pledge of “stability.” The manifesto was heavily critical of the conservative government’s handling of the economy and emphasised labours promise of economic repair. Although focusing primarily on wealth creation, there were specific policy promises made on disability and accessibility…

5.    ‘This will make it much easier’: N.S. leading the way in helping people find accessible homes- June 13, 2024 Source: CTV News- Canada

It’s going to be easier to find an accessible home in Nova Scotia. The Nova Scotia Association of Realtors(opens in a new tab) (NSAR) is launching several new measures to help potential homebuyers determine the accessibility and adaptability of a home to meet their mobility needs. “It is the first MLS in the country to make these fields mandatory for our realtors to complete, and this is important because everyone needs the ability to find ahome that is suitable for them,” said Tanya White, NSAR’s communications director…

6.    Paraplegic Athlete Summits Everyday Staircase to Raise Awareness for Inaccessibility- June 13, 2024 Source: LLB Online- Canada

VML Vancouver, in partnership with the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF), have launched a new national campaign to raise awareness of the urgent need for improved accessibility in Canada. One in four Canadians with a disability in Canada continue to face accessibility barriers daily, an issue that needs to be urgently addressed if Canada is going to meet its goal of a barrier-free country by January 1st, 2040. The campaign launches with a cinematic 60 second spot called ‘Just because we can,’ featuring high-level paraplegic athlete Leo Sammarelli ascending a set of stairs without the use of a ramp or lift…

7.    Inclusive cities: rebuilding Ukraine to be truly accessible- June 13, 2024 Source: EU Neighbours East- Ukraine

Today, during Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine, the issue of inclusiveness of Ukrainian cities is, as we say in Ukraine, ‘on the agenda’. The war has not only left physical scars in cities, but has also led to significant changes in the social landscape. Since the beginning of the invasion, there have been noticeable changes in society’s attitude to inclusiveness, driven by various factors, from public opinion to urban planning initiatives. Until 24 February 2022, the concept of inclusiveness in Ukrainian cities was often underestimated, although even before the full-scale invasion, there were 30-50% of people with reduced mobility in Ukraine…

8.    Calls to make period products more accessible for blind and vision impaired people- June 13, 2024 Source: ABC- Australia

While pads and tampons are staple menstruation products for many people, for those with vision impairments they can be difficult to access and use. Sarah Maculans otherwise independently navigates life with her white cane and guide dog Syd, but finds it difficult to read product packaging on sanitary products. “I’m relying on either a support worker or my mum to read out the products,” she said. The university student lives with a condition called nystagmus, which allows her to see in “snippets”…

9.    ‘Sikka’ harmonises diversity and accessibility- June 14, 2024 Source: The Kathmandu Post- Nepal

Are you about to watch your favourite music video? Wait a second and try this: close your eyes and imagine watching it. No peeking and cheating. If necessary, blindfold yourself. Now, you can watch your video. You might feel the bass, hear the singer’s voice, and tap your foot to the beat. But you are missing out on the visuals and the story shown in the video. Think about watching BTS’s ‘Spring Day’ video without seeing the choreography or the snowy train platform and abandoned amusement park scenes…

10. Yip Pin Xiu and Sarah Herrlinger on why Apple’s accessibility features are second to none- June 14, 2024 Source: Vogue- Singapore

Yip Pin Xiu reckons something awakened in her the day she got a wheelchair. While others might have felt sympathy for her, the freedom 13-year-old Yip suddenly possessed was life-changing. “People like to think I was really sad when I got a wheelchair, but honestly, it was a very happy moment for me. For once in my teenage life, I didn’t have to depend on anybody to get from place to place,” she admits with a hint of a smile. “I saw it as a symbol of my independence.”…

11. Using 3D printing to remove accessibility barriers for Canadians- June 14, 2024 Source: CityNews- Canada

From seat belt release aids to bottle opening aids and nail clipper helpers, Canadians across the country are designing and 3D printing accessibility devices to help different communities live without barriers. Marc Hache, one of many Canadians with the organization Makers Making Change, is helping to design and print these devices. “The seat belt (release aid) actually was designed for my dad, who’s got (gout). It was very painful for him to reach down and release (the seat belt), so that was my own design that I designed a few years ago,” said Hache…

12. Thunder Bay Pride still not fully accessible for everyone, disability advocates say- June 14, 2024 Source: CBC- Canada

Thunder Bay’s annual Pride Parade will took place last Saturday, but not all members of the city’s 2SLGBTQIA+ community were able to participate. The parade, which began in at Hillcrest Park and end at Waverly Park in the city’s north core is one of the largest of over 40 events community leaders and associations have organized to celebrate Pride month. However, in a recent online conversation started by Northwestern Ontario Pride, some residents with disabilities have spoken out about making Pride more accessible…

13. New wheelchair makes waterfalls more accessible- June 14, 2024 Source: BBC- UK

A Yorkshire Dales waterfall has become more accessible thanks to an all-terrain wheelchair. The visitor centre at Aysgarth Falls has a new Tramper Scooter to loan to people with mobility issues so they can get near the water’s edge at the upper falls. The wheelchair is available free of charge and means it is also easier to access a viewing platform in the woods above the middle falls. Volunteer Keith Pritchard said the new service had already been “really popular”…

14. Motion at Ottawa accessibility committee recommends ending e-scooter program next year- June 16, 2024 Source: CTV- Canada

Ottawa’s accessibility advisory committee will consider a motion that would ask the city not to bring back electric scooters next year, over concerns they pose a risk to pedestrians and people with disabilities. The motion put forward by member Wayne Antle says despite attempts by the city to rectify resident concerns, the program has not gone far enough to eliminate accessibility barriers. The five-year provincial pilot program is set to conclude at the end of this year, but several councillors have already discussed the possibility of extending the program or making it permanent…

15. Ensuring accessibility for everyone- June 17, 2024 Source: The Star- Malaysia

Imagine being in a wheelchair, on crutches or using a cane and needing to get somewhere quickly. Unfortunately, numerous barriers and obstructions often make this nearly impossible. To make matters worse, the infrastructure meant to assist you often falls short. This is the reality for many persons with disabilities (PwDs), where daily life is filled with all sorts of obstacles and challenges. While there are guidelines, known as MS1184, to ensure that buildings and facilities are designed and constructed to be accessible and usable by everyone, including individuals with various types of disabilities…

16. From vision to reality: accessible homes for everyone- June 17, 2024 Source: Inside Housing- UK

The findings in the Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Committee’s report published in May, called Disabled people in the housing sector, underscore a critical need for reform in the UK’s approach to housing accessibility.  The recommendation to make the building regulations M4(2) standard mandatory for all new homes is transformative and an aspiring promise that would profoundly improve housing options for disabled and older people across the country…

17. Blind voters not confident their votes will be secret- June 17, 2024 Source: BBC- Scotland

New recommendations for disabled voters from Electoral Commission in Edinburgh aim to ensure people are given the support they need to cast their vote. Although there are simple ways to aid accessibility, some blind voters lack confidence that they will be able to use a polling station and keep their vote secret. am Gough, 21, is a professional footballer, who captains an international blind football team as well as teaching her skills to school children…

18. Canada Is Still Failing People With Disabilities- June 17, 2024 Source: The Maple- Canada

Over the past few weeks, Statistics Canada has released new material covering disability, accessibility and employment in Canada. A report on accessibility in Canada (based on the 2022 Canadian Survey on Disability, CSD) and a related study about the labour market characteristics of people with disabilities provide critical information about the challenges facing the disabled community. While the federal government has committed to making Canada “barrier-free” by 2040, increasing accessibility, particularly in employment, and reducing poverty among those with disabilities, these studies show that there is still plenty left to be done…

19. Reform UK launches ‘contract’ without BSL or accessible version- June 17, 2024 Source: Liam O’Dell- UK

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage unveiled his party’s version of a manifesto – called Our Contract With You – on Monday, at a press conference which came without British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation, despite the party previously pledging to provide access to Deaf signers. A spokesman for the party told Liam O’Dell on 31 May that it would look to offer sign language interpretation for “formal press conferences” from 4 June, however subsequent press events on Reform UK’s economic policy, campaigning and opinion polls have all come without the provision of a BSL interpreter…

20. Why accessibility should be a priority at Pride and beyond- June 18, 2024 Source: GCN- Ireland

Disabled activists worked tirelessly to scrap the Thatcher-era Green Paper on Disability Reform, and they won! They made their voices heard during the Care referendum by calling for a Yes/No vote. These wins didn’t come out of nowhere but are the result of years of fearless disability activism. Disabled queer people are already out here organising for LGBTQ+ liberation. You’re less likely to see us in boardrooms, in NGOs or in mainstream LGBTQ+ activism…

21. 83% of Ukrainians Consider Accessibility a New Value for Society- June 19, 2024 Source: President of Ukraine- Ukraine

First Lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, together with Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal and representatives of relevant ministries, took part in the presentation of the results of a public opinion survey on accessibility. The survey was conducted by the Center for Social Change and Behavioral Economics with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the Expert Council on Accessibility Communication. 83% of respondents believe that accessibility is a new value for society…

22. Sudbury doesn’t have an accessibility advisory committee. Here’s why some residents hope to change that- June 19, 2024 Source: CBC- Canada

A Sudbury resident living with a physical disability says the city needs to create a municipal accessibility advisory committee whose work is open and transparent. Nadine Law, the regional client services co-ordinator for Spinal Cord Injury Ontario, said she fell and broke her back in 2019. She then discovered she developed an autoimmune disease that affected her mobility. Due to another fall last year, Law has been forced to use a walker, or what she calls her “hot wheels,” full time…

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