Photos by Chris Juhn Photography

crowd photo
Attendees of the celebration hang out in the lobby where there was snacks and drinks served during the break at the ADA celebration at Hamline University’s Anderson Center in St. Paul on July 26.
Gaelynn Lea, a violinist and songwriter performs during the 29th anniversary celebration of the ADA at the Anderson Center in St. Paul.
Jon Skaalen (left) and Craig Dunn (right) pose for a photo before they receive their awards at the Anderson Center in St. Paul during the ADA 29th Anniversary Celebration.
The panelists on stage awaiting the beginning of their session at the ADA 29th Anniversary Celebration at the Anderson Center in St. Paul.
Linda Wolford heads out into the lobby of the Anderson Center to let people know that the program is about to begin.
One of the volunteers of the ADA celebration holds the awards out for a photo that Jon Skaalen and Craig Dunn were to receive for the dedicated service they put forth at VSA MN.
Barb Edine (left) and Patricia Anita (right) talk during the break. Patricia came to the celebration because she wanted to connect with the disability center.
Attendees for the 29th Anniversary Celebration of the ADA listen as the panelists for the event answer questions asked by the moderator.
Attendees of the event listen as Gaelynn Lea performs and some respond to her invitation to sing with her.
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