Listing Renewals

Thanks for supporting Access Press and helping our community by providing information about your business or organization.

We are transitioning to a new directory system, that will allow users to self-manage their listings in the future. Please follow the instructions below to establish your new listing.


Add a listing

Visit our add a listing page here. (Even if you have an existing listing)

If you already have an account, follow instructions 2A. If you do not yet, follow 2B.

Not sure if you have an account? Just try registering (2B) — if your email is already associated with our website, they will tell you.


Log in

After visiting the add listing page from Step 1, If you have already been provided an account, click the button on that page that says Login to log in. After you log in, you will be redirected to the listing form.

Forgot your password? Use the link at the bottom of the login form to reset it.


Create an account

After visiting the add listing page from Step 1, click the Register link on that page and provide a user name and email address.

If you registered for a new account, click the link in your email to confirm your account and set your password.

Now, follow the log in link and log in with your email and password.

If you are not seeing the create listing page (step 3), follow this link to our add listing page.


Create your listing

Now the easy part! Complete the form with all the information you want to share about your business.

Start by selecting how many categories you wish to appear in. This affects the pricing. After choosing your categories, you can fill out as much of the form as you like.

The more information the better for users!

Please upload a high-quality logo. PNG is best.


Check out

Click the blue Submit Listing button. You will be redirected to the checkout.

Enter your credit card information. This is securely transmitted to Stripe. Please note it will be billed each year to maintain your listing.

Need to update the credit card, or want to cancel your subscription? Log in and use our Manage Subscriptions page Use our Manage Subscriptions page.


See your listing go live!

We will review your listing, and it will go live within two weeks!

You will get an email when it is live and ready to share. If you had an old listing, we will remove it, replacing it with the new one you created.