Arc Minnesota 2001 Awards Program

Arc Minnesota is accepting nominations for its 2001 Awards Program, to be held at Arc Minnesota’s annual state convention, November 2-3, 2001, in Duluth, Minnesota. Arc Minnesota’s awards honor outstanding employers, teachers, volunteers, media, advocates, and individuals with developmental disabilities. The awards also help us recognize outstanding community service organizations, recreation programs, public awareness efforts, and chapter achievements in membership development, innovative services, and media production.

Here’s the process for entering nominations (it’s the same as in previous years if you’ve done this before):

Obtain a nomination form and list of awards being offered by calling Arc at (800) 582-5256, ext. 113. Complete a nomination form, and check the appropriate award category. Send nominations to Arc Minnesota by June 1, 2001.

Attach supporting materials. These materials should thoroughly document what this person or organization has done and why they should be recognized. Supporting materials may include, but are not limited to, newspaper clippings, nominations material from previous awards received, letters of support from those who know the nominee well, and photos.

Nominators and nominees don’t have to be Arc members.

Arc will award citizens based on their achievements in seven categories: Employment; Recreation; Education; Voluntary Service; Self-Advocacy/Advocacy; Media; and Chapter Achievement/Special Awards. Arc has complete information on awards in these categories. 

Nominators and nominees are open to anyone in the community.  A person need not be an Arc member to participate in the 2001 Awards Program.