August 1994 Issue


Universal Health Care Debates are Sick – Will Money and Lies Win the Day? by Bill Smith
Metro Mobility: System Still Faces Problems, by Charlie Smith
Editor’s Column, Charlie Smith
RTB Chair Says Metro Mobility Transition Going Smoothly, by Jane Fitz, ATB Staff
RTB Seeking Solution to Interzone Trip Denial, by Access Press Staff
Strangers Who Stare Are More Than Rude, by Eunice McClurg
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
A Safe Place to Tell One’s Story, by Linda Larson
The Stephen Ministry Program, by LeAnne Dahl
Peer Support Aids Independent Living by Dennis Straw
Narcolepsy is not a Crime, But Some Building Managers Treat It That Way, by Gary Vadnais
Bullet Holes in St. Paul Group Home Illuminate a Bigger Picture,” Bill Smith
Group Home Residents and Management Decide to Stay, by Stephen Vander Schaaf, of Accessible Space, Inc.
The Power of To: by Gordon Gillesby
. . .And Opportunity Motels & Hotels Can Grow Their Market By $24 Million, Rich Diedrichsen
A Visit with Leah Welch, by LeAnne Dahl

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