Axis Design Offers Access to More Remodeling Ideas

Picture yourself welcoming spring from your new deck with an ice-cold soda in hand enjoying a view of the backyard. […]

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Picture yourself welcoming spring from your new deck with an ice-cold soda in hand enjoying a view of the backyard. Consider the importance of remaining independent by making modifications to your home that allows you to stay in your home. Imagine the convenience of leaving your remodeling project to a professional.

When the Waldhauser Company, DBA Axis Design and Remodeling, opened its doors in February 2005, they filled a definite need for a full-service remodeler that specializes in modifications for people with disabilities and those wishing to age in the comfort of their own homes. The Waldhauser family has many years of firsthand experience with the barriers that can affect a great number of individuals. There are four family members involved in the daily operations of Axis Design and Remodeling (two with disabilities and one with a child who uses a wheelchair.)

The focus of Axis is to give all homeowners a choice in the remodeling process that allows for the uniqueness of the individual. Although Axis emphasizes its expertise in projects for the disabled, it provides full service remodeling to any individual.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlines specific guidelines for commercial applications, but there are no specific requirements for residential applications. Local building codes are the only restrictions that Axis considers when developing a plan for a residential client.

Whether the project is a “typical” remodel or a “modification” remodel for a person with a disability, the work should complement the existing space. Axis has design capabilities and experience to create any addition or space modification.

Axis’ in-house design capabilities and a three-day turnaround on proposals are a welcome change for consumers. Find out how Axis can put you on the path to your perfect home. For more information call 651-454-5899 or visit their website at

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