Be aware of scam callers

Be aware of scam callers

With COVID-19 sweeping the globe, scam artists are becoming more active. One scam the federal Trade commission and other regulatory agencies are issuing warnings about centers on disability benefit offers that are really identity theft schemes. 

The Better Business Bureau calls it “a perfect storm for scam activity.” The agency’s “Scam Tracker” is reporting a record number of complaints and allows the public to search for scams in their home areas. 

The BBB has also posted a Webinar in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission about how to avoid scams and outsmart crooks. 

One report indicated that a caller must act right away. “This is a time sensitive matter and fast action is required for these types of benefits,” the voicemail said. “They kept insisting that I needed to complete the application right away,” a person called told KARE 11. 

But he didn’t fall for it. “I told them that I was aware that they were a scam and I wasn’t going to give them any additional information.” 

But calling the scammer’s bluff only meant that the caller kept right on asking if anyone else in the household would be interested in getting the disability insurance. 

Officials recommend hanging up on scam callers and reporting the calls. 

(Source: KARE 11)