Online Exclusives

Data tells the stories

As a longtime journalist, I put a lot of stock in reliable data. Many times information is presented, and we […]

Lawsuit is worrisome

Here’s a potentially worrisome news story from our neighboring state of Iowa. The Iowa Capital Dispatch has a story about […]

ICI looks at COVID-19’s heavy toll

Staffing challenges, inadequate wage increases, burnout and depression formed COVID-19’s legacy among the professionals who support people with disabilities in […]

Happy holidays?

November means Thanksgiving for many of us . . . turkey and the trimmings, pumpkin pie and so forth. Having […]

It’s that time of year!

No, it’s not that Christmas is coming. I did hear Mariah Carey’s familiar carol this morning. Some stores have had […]

Never read the comments

Minneapolis City Council President Andrea Jenkins” revelation that she has multiple sclerosis drew a wide range of reactions in the […]

It’s that time of year!

It’s that time of year, and no, I am not thinking about Christmas or even Halloween or Thanksgiving. A cartoon […]

Get those vaccines!

After a hiatus, I am back with a twice-a-week online column for Access Press. And yes, I still do mask […]

Guest Commentary

Editor’s note: Barbara Metzger is a longtime disability rights and LGBTQ activist in Minnesota. This is the first of a […]

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