Scott Adams

December 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Court Case Settled – State Forced to Pay Interim Assistance, by Marie Richman Metro Mobility Forums, by Luke Pedersen […]

August 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Candidates Speak: Gubernatorial Hopefuls Answer Questions, by Access Press Staff Jeff Bangsberg Goes to Washington by Anita Boucher Editor’s […]

July 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Managed Care ’99: Private Corporation Plans to Enroll People with Disabilities, by Kate Havelin Gardening Offers Rewards Aplenty, by Judith […]

February 1998 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Legislative Alert: Legislators Considering New Laws, by Access Press Staff Twin Cities Host National Tournament, by Luke Pedersen Editor’s […]

December 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Invisible Color: Disabled Minorities Are Not Seen or Heard in Community – Why? Is it Cultural, Racism, or Ignorance? by […]

November 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Trouble at Seward: Tenants Take Action Against Drug Dealers, by Dwight Hobbs Metro Mobility: Public Forums Held, by Luke […]

October 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Mayoral Candidates: Address Disability Issues, by Dwight Hobbs Mom Presumed Guilty, by Diane Hovey Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith TTYs at […]

September 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Tenant Turmoil: Management Problems Create Unsafe Conditions, by Jane Wheeler National Leader Dies: Evan J. Kemp, Jr. 1937-1997, by […]

August 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Happy 7th Birthday: Americans with Disabilities Act, by Doug Anderson Courage Center: Problems at the Resident, Residents Voice Concerns, by Jane Wheeler […]

March 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Consumer Protection Needed: New Legislation Proposed – Patient Protection Act of 1997, by Charlie Smith Foreclosure: Woman May Lose […]

January 1997 Issue

Articles/Contributors: At the Capitol in 1997: Priorities for the New Session, by Tom Brick Get Outdoors with Sit-Ski, by Access Press Staff […]

October 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: VOTE VOTE VOTE, by Charlie Smith Ability for Hire, by Tony Coehlo Setting the Stage for Change, by Mark Wilde […]

September 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Candidates Speak – Rights & Taxes, by Access Press Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith At the Democratic National Convention, […]

August 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: 6 Years Since ADA Passage – Has It Made a Difference? YES!, by Wendy S. Brower Senate Candidates on […]

July 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: At the DFL Convention, by Charlie Smith and Roger Fuller Senate Candidates on the Issues: Housing & Health Care, by Access Press […]

June 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Six Years – Some Success: Organizing Brings Victories, But No Time to Relax, by Charlie Smith Editor’s Column, by […]

May 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Going Back to Work?: Social Security Administration Changes the Rules, by Tom Emmons (Disability Works) Wellstone Fights for Mental Illness […]

February 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: TEFRA Cuts Delayed: A Legislative Recap and Update, by Bob Brick An Interview with Rep. Lee Greenfield, by Charlie Smith […]

January 1996 Issue

Articles/Contributors: DHS Taken to Task: PCA Task Force – A DHS Set-Up? by Luther Granquist A Great Loss, by Michael Sheehan […]

December 1995 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Money Piles Up as Good Programs Suffer by Charlie Smith Educational Vouchers – What are they really about? by […]

November 1995 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Protecting the Wealthy at the Cost of Others, by Charlie Smith Facing a Real Future for Public Transportation,  by Bill […]

August 1995 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Business Supports ADA Program: Republican Lawmakers Create a Red Herring, by Alan A. Reich It’s About Time: Legislators Start […]

July 1995 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Transit Problems Can Be Solved: John Walsh of MCIL Gives the Council Some Suggestions, by Access Press Staff DRAGnet […]

June 1995 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Are We Winning or Losing? Moving Forward on the Slippery Slope, A Challenge, by Charlie Smith Attacks on ADA Escalate, by […]

May 1995 Issue

Articles/Contributors:Bombs Don’t Scare Us – Legislators Pose a Bigger Threat, by Bill Smith Legislative Update on TEFRA and PCA Cuts […]

February 1995 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Governor Seeks 25% PCA Cut: Independent Living Seems Irrelevant – Cost Cutting Everything, by Charlie Smith Wellstone Talks About […]

January 1995 Issue

Articles/Contributors: ADA Threatened – National Advocate Sounds an Alarm, Local Groups Mobilize Quickly, by Charlie Smith Metro Mobility Settlement Approved […]

December 1994 Issue

Contributors: Metro Mobility Reaching Capacity – Funding Crunch May Stop Progress, by Access Press Staff Ready for the Legislature? by Charlie Smith […]

October 1994 Issue

Contributors: Department of Human Services-Proposes Major Changes in Medical Assistance Rules, by Luther Granquist Metro Mobility Service: Quality Needs to […]

January 1994 Issue

Contributors: “The Case” – Lawyers and Principals Meet on Pending Class Action, by Charlie Smith James Brady Brings Prizes and […]

May 1992 Issue

Articles/Contributors: HealthRight Passes – The Sponsors Tell Us All About It, by Access Press Staff Metro Mobility – A “Safety […]

January 1992 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Wheelchair Aviators Flying High: School Offers Hands on Flight Opportunity, by Annie Levin Becoming Self-Supporting PASS Program – Part […]

December 1990 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Introducing Peter McLaughlin: Hennepin County’s Newest Commissioner, by Access Press Staff High Tech & Sensitivity Break a Communication Barrier, […]

November 1990 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Conference Bridges Ability Gap, by Adam Quinn Minneapolis Rehabilitation Center, by Access Press Staff Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith […]

October 1990 Issue

Articles/Contributors: Assistive Technology Field Grows: Pre-Field National Productivity Loss Set at $300 Billion, by Michael Sheehan Finding Help for a Hidden […]

September 1990 Issue

Articles/Contributors: SSI Cash Benefits Miss 50% of Eligible Minnesotans, by Access Press Staff Homeshare Program Preserves Independence, Saves Money, by […]

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