Celebrating ADA 30!

Celebrating ADA 30!

Celebrating the ADA today, tomorrow, and every day.

Happy 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act from Minnesota’s 30th Anniversary Planning Committee. Visit our website for activities throughout the year or our Facebook page.

We celebrate the ADA every month. We publish Access Press.
The Access Press Board of Directors

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ADA Across the Generations

Former US Senator Dave Durenberger, co-sponsor of the ADA, salutes Justin Smith, disability advocate.

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We celebrate the ADA as we traverse across the country and globe with people of all abilities! Let’s keep improving access for all. Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

Thanks to the passage of the ADA many forms of art, including performing and visual arts are now available for PWD. Theaters provide ASL Interpreters and Audio Describers. Museums provide tours for various types of disabilities. Martha Hage

Thanks to the ADA, I have an accessible home, transportation, stores, restaurants, parks and community bathrooms. United we must do more to make certain ADA continues to provide access for all PWDs.
Dorothy A. Balen

Wishing everyone who has benefited from the passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act 30 years ago a very Happy Anniversary! Let’s keep fighting the good fight! Linda Wolford 

Congratulations on 30 years of equality for people with disabilities. ADA Minnesota is proud to be a part of this celebration! 

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Happy 30th anniversary. The Metropolitan Center for Independent Living is proud to celebrate this milestone in history! 

Happy 30th Anniversary ADA

Minnesota Spina Bifida Association

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When the Minnesota Twins take the field, we play for everyone. We are proud to join our extended Twins Family in celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the ADA!

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PVA celebrates the past 30 years of ADA. We look to the future for more equal opportunities/access for persons with disabilities in employment, public accommodations, commercial facilities, and transportation.

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The Arc Minnesota is dedicated to protecting the human rights of individuals with IDD. We celebrate those who paved the way through ADA and join all who continue to fight for a brighter future.

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Minnesota First Community Solutions is grateful for the progress made since the passing of the ADA. Happy 30th Anniversary ADA!

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Minnesota First Provider Alliance supports Access Press and celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the ADA! The ADA brought people together by creating spaces where everyone could access and made changes to our lives that benefits everyone and we are proud to continue that work today. 

The ADA brought people together by creating spaces where everyone could access and made changes to our lives that benefit everyone and we are proud to continue that work today.

Celebrating 30 years of the Americans with Disabilities Act improving access and opportunities. We appreciate collaborating with the diverse disability community as we work towards a future without barriers.

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Wow, 30 years already and how time flies. Congratulations!
Claudia Fuglie

Let’s all celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Together we continue to make a change. Stay strong! Margot & Stu Cross

“The ADA is only the beginning. It’s not the solution. Rather, it is an essential Foundation on which solutions will be constructed.”
— Justin Dart, creator of the ADA
Joan Willshire

Happy 30th Anniversary, ADA!
With much gratitude, Stephanie Cunningham 

I’m grateful for the physical barriers that have been removed and the rights we have gained. We have come a long way, but we have more work to do. Jeff Bangsberg, Public Policy Analyst

This may be a day of police brutality. A more subtle cruelty results when Persons With Disabilities are systemically ignored. Thanks to the ADA, they can be ignored no longer! Mark & Susan Lasoff

Thanks to all the activists who made the ADA a reality! Now I don’t have to crawl up steps to visit my doctor, dentist, restaurant, church, school, voting poll or library. Sharon VanWinkel

Live, Work, Read, Succeed! We’re celebrating 30 years of progress through the ADA! We’re so happy to celebrate 30 years of the ADA and all the civil rights of people with disabilities! Cindy & Jon Tarshish