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Family members, friends raise money/spirits I have had multiple sclerosis for 28 years. I also have an incredibly loving family! […]

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Family members, friends raise money/spirits

I have had multiple sclerosis for 28 years. I also have an incredibly loving family! Family members united in teams with friends, coast to coast, to walk and raise money to find a cure for MS in this spring’s 2008 MS WALK. This effort extended over four states and five events, and took place in April and May.

My daughter Courtney in St. Paul and my sister Chris in San Diego, CA decided to form teams on my behalf. Then my daughter Erin in New York City and my niece Shelby in Santa Rosa, CA, joined the bi-coastal and Midwest effort.

Erin named us DI-NAMOS in a nod to my first name and my husband Lee’s company School Technology Solutions outfitted us in bright yellow t-shirts. Erin and my son-in-law, Brian, walked 10 miles in New York City on April 13. They crossed the Brooklyn Bridge twice and raised $600.

On April 26th, my sister Chris, her husband Marv, daughter Devan and friends walked in San Diego. The San Diego DI-NAMOS were sponsored by my brother-in-law’s employer, Otis Elevator. The company donated t-shirts for the walkers, many of whom were Otis employees. Thanks to Otis, the team raised more than $1,700.

On May 4th three teams of DI-NAMOS hit the pavement. Well, two teams hit pavement… one hit the dusty trails of the South Dakota Badlands.

My niece Shelby has participated in the MS WALK since she was an infant pushed in a stroller by her parents. She was determined to walk even though she was in her freshman year at Sonoma State and 550 miles from her San Diego home. Shelby led the DI-NAMOS in the MS WALK in Santa Rosa, the closest site to her school. Her team included 19 sorority sisters. In their first year walking these young women raised more than $500. Hooray, Gamma Phi Beta!

My daughter Courtney enthusiastically led the 20-member St. Paul/Minneapolis team which included my sister, long-time supporter and walker Laurie, plus my sister-in-law Faith and niece Brianne. Brianne also biked in the 60-mile and 150-mile MS events this spring. Some very dear friends, including top money-raiser ($2,200) Father Tim Power, my amazing high school buddies Judy & John Saboe, friends of Courtney and San Diego sister, Chris, also walked the 6-mile course. This St. Paul/Minneapolis team raised $6,200.

My husband Lee hiked for MS in the Badlands on May 4th. He challenged his buddies, the Badland Boys, on their annual hiking trip to donate and walk for MS, even though this walk wasn’t an official MS site. As a result, seven wonderful guys hiked eight miles in the Badlands in their DI-NAMOS t-shirts.

From coast to coast, the DI-NAMOS raised $9,000 and still counting.

I am indeed blessed. The DI-NAMOS will return in 2009!

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