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In Hennepin County we have a large, diverse and active population  of persons with disabilities.  County Government can play a […]

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In Hennepin County we have a large, diverse and active population  of persons with disabilities.  County Government can play a significant role in their lives.  Hennepin County supports several programs which provide, among other things, living skills training, attendant care, counseling, advocacy, rehabilitation, and employment training.  The County currently spends just unde $1 million on these important services.

Here’s a quick summary of the services and programs that we fund:

Borderline Intellectural Functioning – Semi-Independent Living Skills (SILS)

Seven agencies provide living skills training to Hennepin County residents to assist them in attaining and maintaining the least restrictive living arrangement possible.  Skills focused on include: food purchasing and preparation, money management, an personal care.

Independence Crossroads

Provides attendant care, counseling, advocacy, and information and referral services to persons with severe physica disabilities.  Services are designed to assist individuals in independent living with supportive planning to allow them contro of their own lives within the limits of their potential.

Vinland National Center

Vinland is a rehabilitation and education center devoted to full,productive lives and wellness for people with disabilities.  Theprogram is designed to allow individuals to realize independent living, employability, and social integration as healthy and confident people.

Find, Inc.

This is an apartment living program for deaf-blind individuals.  Clients are evaluated and assigned to service levels according to  need and available funds.

In-Touch, Inc.

This program provides services to deaf-blind individuals with emphasis on instructional services to assist in maintaining thei highest level of independent functioning.

If you would like more information on County programs and services, please contact Don Sabre, Program Manager for Services to the Disabled, at 348-7604.  Otherwise, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have at 348-3085.

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