Consider Hiring People with Disabilities

If you never considered hiring someone with a disability, you’ve overlooked a valuable resource.  Many Social Security disability beneficiaries want to work and we provide support with our cash benefit and employment support programs to help future employees get the services and health benefits they need to make a successful transition into the workforce.  You can make the difference by hiring a deserving, hardworking person.

At 21, Jason was shot in the head.  As a result, he experiences severe seizures and memory loss.  But Director of Engineering, Greg Collerd, knew firsthand what a help Jason had been in maintaining the Laguna Beach hotel that employs both of them.  Through rehabilitation, Jason has been able to return to work as a preventive maintenance technician.  If there’s a problem in a hotel room that’s not part of housekeeping’s duties, Jason fixes it.  He covers it all a dripping faucet, a door that won’t close, a lamp that won’t work with competence, a smile, and a great

According to Greg, Jason has been exceptional.  He works very hard and puts 110 percent into being successful on the job.  “I’ve been very blessed with this guy,” says Greg.  “If I could have a hundred of him, that would be great!  He goes the extra mile.”  Greg’s advice to other employers on hiring individuals with disabilities is to “take the chance.”

As an employer, Greg had no fears to address before he hired Jason.  Greg has been around people with disabilities most of his life.  In Jason’s case, the accommodations Greg makes for Jason are minor and Greg is more than willing to provide them.  There are no negatives for Greg in working with Jason.  And the positives abound, and reward everyone.

Employers seeking to hire people with disabilities can find a wealth of information to help them get started on Social Security’s website at  Once there, visit the Employers’ pages.

Information provided by the SSA St. Paul PASS Cadre.