December 1990 Issue


Introducing Peter McLaughlin: Hennepin County’s Newest Commissioner, by Access Press Staff
High Tech & Sensitivity Break a Communication Barrier, by Michael Sheehan
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
Gillette Director Says Health Insurance Must Change, by Access Press Staff
Legal Aid: Congress Enacts Americans with Disabilities Act, by Access Press Staff
Sister Kenny Institute: Questions About Hearing Problems, by Access Press Staff
The Hearing Dog Program: A Great Way to Go, by Adam Quinn
ALDA, Association of Late-Deafened Adults by Access Press Staff
Securing the Future Through Comprehensive Estate and Financial Planning, by Arnie Guetzmacher
Wage Protest Continues at Human Services Office, by Access Press Staff
PACER Center Tackles Affordable Housing, by Access Press Staff

Here’s the December 1990 issue, all-in-one file! (.pdf file)

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