December 1995 Issue

Money Piles Up as Good Programs Suffer by Charlie Smith
Educational Vouchers – What are they really about? by Jeff Nygaard
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
Disability Rights in the News: How, What, & Why, by Jeff Nygaard
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
A Role for Congregations & Clergy, by Kris Flaten
Wishing-And Waiting! for Independence, by LeAnne Dahl
Vision of Recovery, by Chuck Kruger
Heath Care Insurance Risks, by Barbara Jean Werrbach
A Man and His Dog, by Eunice McClurg
Improved Telecommunications Access for TTY Users, by Michael Zeledon
“ADA” and Religious Organizations, by Access Press Staff
The Power of To, by Gordon Gillesby

Here’s the December 1995 Issue.  Enjoy!