Address 1800 2nd St NE Minneapolis MN 55418 Phone: 612-789-1236 Fax: 612-706-5555 Website:

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A Chance to Grow offers multiple brain-centered services to children and adults, including those with special needs, from those with developmental and learning difficulties to those who experience common learning struggles, to reach their highest potential

Categories: Autism Services, Home Health Care Services, Rehabilitation: Physical, Occupational, Speech, Audiology Therapists
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Allina Health
Address 800 E 28th Street Hennepin Minneapolis MN 55407 Address 3915 Golden Valley Road Hennepin Golden Valley MN 55422 Phone: 612-863-4200 Phone: 612-775-2455 Golden Valley Sports & Physical Therapy Phone: 612-775-2277 Adaptive Sports and Recreation Website:

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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute was formed in June 2013 through the merger of Courage Center and Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, part of Allina Health. Both organizations bring a strong history of service to people with disabilities as well as people with chronic medical conditions. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute provides a wide range of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and community services. Our goal is to partner with you to help you achieve your highest level of independence, health and wellness. We do this by providing excellent services, innovative programs, ground-breaking research and barrier-shattering advocacy.

Categories: Adaptive Recreation - Hobbies - Exercise - Sports, Employment and Vocation, Recreation, Rehabilitation: Physical, Occupational, Speech, Audiology Therapists
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Vision Loss Resources
Address 1936 Lyndale Ave S Minneapolis MN 55403 Phone: 612-362-8454 Phone: Video Phone 612-440-4566 TTY: Dial 711 Website:

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DeafBlind Services Minnesota (DBSM) provides support, information, referral, training, and advocacy to deafblind Minnesotans. DBSM works closely with deaf, deafblind and blind adults, and with deafblind children and their families, schools, and service providers. Our mission is to advance the independence of children and adults with combined hearing and vision loss.

Categories: Community Living, Rehabilitation: Physical, Occupational, Speech, Audiology Therapists
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Address 2400 W 64th St Minneapolis MN 55423 Address 11 Metro Area Locations Phone: 612-767-7222 Mental Health Services Phone: 612-767-5180 Case Management Phone: 612-767-5180 Rehabilitation Phone: 612-861-1688 Residential Programs Website: Fraser Mental Health

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Fraser is Minnesota’s largest and most experienced provider of autism and early childhood mental health services. Fraser serves children and adults through healthcare, housing, education and employment. Our programs are nationally recognized for their high quality, innovation and individualized family-centered approach. Fraser has been serving children and families for over 75 years and is recognized as an innovator in serving those with special needs. Fraser involves the entire family – parents and caregivers are the experts when it comes to their children.

Categories: Mental Health, Rehabilitation: Physical, Occupational, Speech, Audiology Therapists, Residential and Group Home Programs, Waiver Case Management
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Address 200 University Avenue E Saint Paul MN 55101 Phone: 651-290-8707 Appointments Toll-Free: 800-719-4040 Phone: 651-291-2848 Main Phone Website:

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Gillette specializes in treating children who have complex conditions, rare disorders and traumatic injuries, including cerebral palsy, epilepsy, spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Children who have disabilities and complex medical needs—and their families—have been at the center of our mission for more than 120 years.

Categories: Physicians, Rehabilitation: Physical, Occupational, Speech, Audiology Therapists, Technology
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