Editor’s Column – April 2003

It’s been a very difficult legislative session to follow; seems one minute things are changing faster than I can keep […]

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It’s been a very difficult legislative session to follow; seems one minute things are changing faster than I can keep track of and the next minute everything has stalled! At the time of publication, the Legislature is in its stalled mode. But keep your eyes and ears open and don’t forget Thursdays at the Capitol. On Thursday, April 17 the push will be on reconsidering the cuts made to Metro Mobility and Greater Minnesota transit. The Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities (MN-CCD) members will be pointing out key legislators to anyone interested in discussing cuts to Metro Mobility. The MN-CCD members will be at the House chamber entrance sporting three MN-CCD badges. Just go up to one of those people and introduce yourself—they will help you in every way possible to get your message to your representative.

Last month I wrote about the lack of funding for the MN State Council on Disability (MSCOD). This month the MSCOD got some good news. When I heard the Council was back to receiving a good portion of its funding, it renewed some of my faith in the system. Thank Governor Pawlenty for this one!

We have several letters from readers this month, one from as far away as Australia. (Apparently, the Web page is creating it’s own following.) Two of the letters are in response to columns written by Pete Feigal. One of the local letters is about MCIL funding.

I’m pleased to see these letters come in and open up dialogue. If you agree or disagree with something that is printed in Access Press—or anywhere—and is disability-related, please share your opinions with us. We will try to print your letters.

In the spirituality column, Ellen Houghton has brought memories of my own to light. I recall the struggles I had within myself during the Vietnam War. I agonized over whether it was a JUST war. I had heated conversations with classmates and friends over our differences of opinion. We’re at war again and people are, and will be, dying for reasons that don’t seem clear. So we need to direct our energies to something positive. Read Ellen’s column—she has some incredible insights and suggestions on how to deal with this unfortunate situation.

Courage Center is celebrating its 75th year; the organization was founded in 1928 and has been transforming lives ever since. Congratulations to all who have made Courage Center a success.

Sam Jasmine, the new host of “Disabled and Proud: It’s NOT an Oxymoron,” talks with Jeff Nygaard about her first six months on the job and her goals for the future.

If you have a story to tell about how the cuts to Medical Assistance—for Employed People with Disabilities (MA-EPD) are affecting you, call the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living. MCIL has set up a hot line to accept your calls. Advocates and volunteers will be sharing your stories with legislators. The number is (651) 603-2039.

Ken Anderson offers us a two-part story that’s hard to match! He has spent a lifetime looking for the cause of his tremor and solutions to the troubles his shaking created. Thanks, Ken, for sharing with us.

  • Work with your care provider to stay healthy. Protect yourself. Vaccines are your best protection against being sick.
  • Wash your hands! Hands that look can still have icky germs!

You are not alone. Minnesota Autism Resource Portal.