Editor’s Column – June 2004

Congratulations to our good friend Pete Feigal, the winner of the prestigious 2004 Judd Jacobson Memorial Award for his outstanding […]

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Congratulations to our good friend Pete Feigal, the winner of the prestigious 2004 Judd Jacobson Memorial Award for his outstanding contributions to improve the lives of people with disabilities. It is terrific that Pete is being recognized for his constant dedication to others that live with mental illness and helping remove some the stigma associated with the disease.

Anne Henry outlines a very unproductive legislative session. Neither party would budge on any of the issues of importance. It seemed they couldn’t get past the hot-buttons of some very controversial issues such as, casino gambling, gay marriage, and sex offender punishments. Therefore, many programs that were cut last session, sat idle.

Kathy Hagen, also explains the Tennessee vs. Lane Supreme Court case. It is an ADA victory, but maybe not a conclusive one. The Minnesota Disability Law Center’s attorneys have contributed much over the years to the success of Access Press. We can’t thank them enough!

Jeff Nygaard walks us through another scenario of universal health-care — it’s very exciting to think that there are so many possibilities to create a healthy health-care system in the United States. We can move from ideas to action in our next presidency.

Bret Helsa and Gloria Steinbring give a response to last month’s article on disability culture by explaining the moral model of care for people with disabilities and some history of how this model has affected disability culture. As we go to press we will be watching the recent abuse of vulnerable adults in nursing homes since this abuse is documented as a historical problem. Next month Bret and Gloria have promised to explain the medical model; a little history of it and how this model has affected the culture of people with disabilities. Thanks Gloria and Bret; you two make a good writing team.

Yoshiko Dart was gracious enough to give Access Press permission to print some of the writings of the late Justin Dart. In the next few months we will be printing Justin’s platform for the disability community for the 2004 Elections. Justin Dart was an inspiring man with confidence that we could change society by demanding equal rights for all—no exceptions. This is a must read! Thank you, Yoshiko for your love and support!

While the summer is new, join Jeni Mundl (page 6) and get out and enjoy a garden, your own or one of the great public gardens.

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