Editor’s Column – November 2003

Hello again. The weather sure took a change, recently; almost as though it, too, knew that last month marked the […]

Hello again. The weather sure took a change, recently; almost as though it, too, knew that last month marked the one-year anniversary of the plane crash that took the Wellstone’s and a few of his colleagues from their passionate goals of social justice for all. We can only imagine what these remarkable individuals might have accomplished during this last year. We do miss them all!

The Social Security Administration is finally making the Ticket-To-Work program available to all eligible Minnesotans. The kick-off was on November 5, 2003 at the Landmark center in downtown St. Paul. The Chicago SSA regional commissioner, Mr. Jim Martin, was there to address the audience and award the first recipient, Michael Brickley his Ticket-To-Work. We will have more on these individuals next month.

Does any individual have the right to declare when they are ready to die? We all have some deep-seated views on the subject, moral and ethical. I think putting a value on life is ridiculous. We can’t predict what tomorrow will or won’t bring us; maybe pain, maybe comfort, maybe the biggest Power Ball win ever, or maybe the will to live another day, month or year! I have a difficult time understanding why someone would choose death if they have all their faculties. Choosing death seems to be an insane choice. Under any other circumstances people would be considered insane by choosing death. What are your thoughts on this personal and controversial matter? Share them with us.

The columnists did an extraordinary job this month. If you’re not a regular to this section, please take a moment and read these interesting columns. Also, a bit of satire on page 3. Mark Olson offers an opportunity to laugh and contemplate the State of affairs here in Minnesota. A big thanks to all these marvelous writers.

The Access Press Award banquet debuted with a huge turnout. I would like to thank all the board members who worked so hard to make it happen. Also, thanks to Black Bear Crossing who could not have been a better host. Black Bear was very generous at offering extras to make the evening more comfortable and enjoyable. The biggest thanks goes to all of you that came and have supported Access Press, and my staff. I’d also like to take this opportunity to truly thank everyone for the personal support over the last couple years. It has been your confidence in me that has kept it all happening month after month. You are the driving force behind Access Press!

Happy Thanksgiving!