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Celebrate Minnesota Disability Pride Month at the ACT event Minnesota’s Second Annual Disability Pride Festival is 10 a.m. to 1 […]

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Celebrate Minnesota Disability Pride Month at the ACT event

Minnesota’s Second Annual Disability Pride Festival is 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Thursday, July 18 at the state capitol in St. Paul. Advocating Change Together (ACT): The Center for Disability Leadership, a statewide Minnesota nonprofit organization, is organizing this year’s event.

July is Disability Pride Month. Disability pride is a time for recognition and celebration of the disabled identity and the unique culture of disabilities communities. Disability Pride is an opportunity for everyone to show off their whole selves and be proud of who they are.

Disability Pride began as a celebration of the passing of the ADA in 1990 and has blossomed into a worldwide celebration in the disability community. ACT hosted the first Minnesota celebration in 2023.

For almost 50 years, ACT has partnered with individuals and their families who have experienced the full spectrum of disabilities and subsequent challenges.

ACT is seeking Disability Pride Festival sponsor. Sponsorship opportunities enhance ACT’s ability to sustain our current programs and services, while meeting our future goals and objectives.  Help ACT expand its outreach and fulfill its mission to promote, protect and advocate for the rights of individuals with intellectual, physical, and all disabilities through advocacy, empowerment, education, accessibility, community outreach, justice, and leadership initiatives.

2024 Pride Partner sponsorship levels are:

$2,500 Red Stripe Sponsor
$2,000 Gold Stripe Sponsor
$1,000 White Stripe Sponsor
$750 Blue Stripe Sponsor
$500 Green Stripe Sponsor
$250 Black Background

Each color of the Disability Pride Flag represents a different category of disabilities. Together, these colorful bands represent a light that cuts through the darkness.  Each color stripe has a meaning:

Red – physical disabilities
Gold – neurodiversity
White – invisible disabilities and disabilities that have not yet been diagnosed
Blue – emotional and psychiatric disabilities, including mental illness, anxiety, and depression
Green – for sensory disabilities, including deafness, blindness, lack of smell, lack of taste, audio processing disorder, and all other sensory disabilities

The faded black background represents mourning and rage for victims of ableism
Information about the event is on the ACT website. FFI: https://www.selfadvocacy.org/

Prairie Thunder

The Prairie Thunder Off-Road Rally is all day Sat, July 13 at Appleton Area OHV Park, Appleton. The park is one mile northeast of Appleton on Highway 59. Along with a mud run, scavenger hunt and obstacle course, this year’s even features the all-terrain track chair for people with disabilities. Demonstrations of the chair are offered. Admission is free. Hosted by Swift County and Prairie Off-Roaders.

Deja Moo

Cow Tipping Press hosts Deja Moo, a disability literary arts festival, at 4-8 p.m. Mon, Aug, 1 at Springboard for the Arts, 262 University Ave., St. Paul. Enjoy music, food, new books and readings by more than 30 of Cow Tipping’s authors. The free indoor/outdoor event is fully accessible, with ASL interpretation and quiet spaces available. FFI: www.cowtippingpress.org

Resources to Enjoy!  

The Enjoy listings are for arts events as well as banquets, fundraisers, walks and other fun events by and for disability services organizations. Schedules may be subject to change, so check with a venue or organization before making plans. Arrange for disability accommodations well in advance at any event.

Disability service organizations typically send e-news blasts and have social media. Both are other ways to find out about events.

The Minnesota Access Alliance (MNAA) provides an Accessible Arts & Culture Calendar for arts patrons who use accessibility accommodations such as audio description, captioning, ASL interpreting and sensory-friendly accommodations. Link to more details at https://calendar.mnaccess.org. Be sure to check the listing or venue to find out any COVID-19 protocols and if an advance reservation is needed for an accessibility service.

Accessible events can be submitted to the MNAA Calendar (and MinnesotaPlaylist.com)
To receive a free monthly events calendar, email [email protected] and/or [email protected]. Ask for the entire events list or specific lists for ASL interpreting, captioning, audio description, sensory-friendly accommodations or disability-related topics.

For other accessibility resources or upcoming webinars presented by MNAA, sign up for emails at https://mnaccess.org

Post your event online

Access Press is moving more event and opportunity listings online. There is a word limit and we require that those posting information include event costs as well as accommodations. Are ASL and AD offered? Is there companion seating? A quiet room? Fidgets? COVID-19 protocols?

Accommodations are much more than a ramp for many of us. That kind of information can help someone decide whether or not to attend an event.

To post an event, go to Add an Event. This is for Minnesota-focused, disability community events. it is not for business advertising for events that aren’t sponsored by a disability group or organization or that do not have a disability focus.  Consider that a small web or print ad can also generate interest in an upcoming event. For questions about ads, email [email protected] 

Access Press reserves the right to reject events if they do not meet our guidelines. Call the editor at 651-644-2133 ext. one or email [email protected] with events questions.

  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself, & others from the COVID-19 virus."
  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself & others from the COVID-19 virus."

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