Farewell to Bill Dessert

Bill Dessert has been on the Board of Directors since 1997, shortly after Access Press received its nonprofit status. He is one of the behind-the-scenes contributors to the running of the paper.

Bill says, “I came on the board when finances were good. I had complete confidence in Charlie’s business sense. It was his baby. He used us to bounce ideas off more of an informal advisory group. Now it’s time for new blood on the Board. Access Press has become very close to my heart and I will always be available to help the paper.”

Steve Kuntz, another of the original board members notes that, “It was Bill’s business and financial expertise that helped move Access Press into the 21st century. He has been a real asset to AP and a true friend to Charlie.”

Chris Berndt, an early board member, introduced Bill to Charlie in the late 70s. At the time, Chris lived upstairs in the Smith family home. Chris and Bill had met earlier at Hamline School of Law, becoming great friends. Charlie and Charlie’s father, Bill Smith, drew Chris to Access Press and, in turn, Chris drew in Bill Dessert.

On a personal/career note, Bill Dessert decided that law was not what he wanted. So, he went back to his pre-college entrepreneurial endeavor with his two partners and started Rapit Print. Bill is a successful part-owner and the Chief Financial Officer at the corporate headquarters.

Cathy, his wife of 18 years, and Bill live in Vadnais Heights with their two sons, Alex, 8 years old, and Elliot, 4 years old.

We gratefully acknowledge his dedicated service to the Board of Directors.