February 1998 Issue

Legislative Alert: Legislators Considering New Laws, by Access Press Staff
Twin Cities Host National Tournament, by Luke Pedersen
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
Statement of Conscience, by Justin Dart
Aging Brings Touch Decisions, by LeAnne Dahl
The Invisible Disability, by David Markusen
Profile: Brian Rogers, by Cindy Bordeaux
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
Chronic Illness Ministry: What One Faith Community is Doing, by Cynthia Ryden Austin
Activist Fights for Trail Access, by Cindy Bordeaux
Revised Metro Mobility Legislation, by Lolly Lljewski
Legislative Priorities,by Access Press Staff
Dept. of Human Service (DHS) Breaking the Law, by Charlie Smith
MCIL Announces New Executive Director,” by Access Press Staff

Here’s the February 1998 Issue. Enjoy!