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Weigh in this session on legislative topics of your choice With the 2022 Minnesota Legislature gaveling into session soon, it’s […]

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Weigh in this session on legislative topics of your choice

With the 2022 Minnesota Legislature gaveling into session soon, it’s worth reminding everyone that Access Press welcomes letters to the editor and longer commentary pieces on proposed state law, funding and policy changes.  

However, our status as a nonprofit publication brings some additional guidelines to follow. Because Access Press is a non-profit publication and must follow regulations on political partisanship, we cannot publish letters and commentaries that are politically partisan. We ask that writers explain issues in a manner that isn’t an attack on one political party or another. 

When the 2022 election campaign season starts, remember that political endorsement letters or letters opposing a candidate are not published in Access Press. That is true for candidates’ endorsements as well as for ballot questions. 

We welcome letters to the editor and commentary pieces from readers, on topics of interest to Minnesota’s disability community. Letters should be no more than 450 words, with 750 words per commentary. Ask the editor if more space is needed and that can be discussed on a case-by-case basis. 

Letters and guest commentaries must be signed by the authors or authors. We do not published unsigned letters or commentaries. 

 If a letter is written on behalf of a group, organization or business, we would like the author or authors’ affiliation(s) listed. 

With letters, a writer’s hometown is published but not a street address. Please send contact information, in the form of a phone number or email, in case the editor has questions about a letter or commentary.  

Contact information isn’t published unless the writer specifically requests that the newspaper do so. We need contact information to verify a writer’s identify, especially if the writer isn’t someone we have interacted with before. 

Pictures of the author or content subject matter can be published with a guest commentary but aren’t required. 

Access Press asks that letters and guest commentaries be specifically written for this newspaper. Letters must have a focus on disability issues and ideally, a focus on those issues as they affect Minnesotans. We don’t want to publish form letters that have appeared in other publications. It is acceptable to send a letter published in Access Press to other publications after we have published it. 

Let the newspaper staff know if accommodations are needed to submit a letter or commentary, and we will help you. 

Letters and commentaries reflect the view of the authors and not the views of the staff and board of directors of Access Press. We reserve the right to reject submissions. 

Be aware that due to space and news policy reasons, we do not publish regular columns at this time. 

Deadline for the print edition of the newspaper is the 15th of each month, with publication the following month. 

Before making a submission, writers are always encouraged to contact the newspaper to discuss ideas or to ask questions about From Our Community submissions, at 651-644-2133 or [email protected]. 

  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself & others from the COVID-19 virus."
  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself, & others from the COVID-19 virus."

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