Fundraising skydiver celebrates his feat

Kevin Burkart has set a world record and now he wants others to help him celebrate. Anyone interested in Parkinson’s disease, finding a cure, and helping with his cause is involved to a beach party at 2 p.m. Mon, July 15 at 14624 Oakland Beach Ave SE, Prior Lake. Enjoy free food and beverages, water skiing, and a slip n’ slide. B license water jump training is available. Or just relax and enjoy the one-armed skydiving videos.

Burkart completed 151 record-breaking one-armed skydives in one day June 19 and raised more than $120,000 to benefit Parkinson’s disease. He jumped for his father, who has Parkinson’s.

He jumped from 5 a.m. until almost 10 p.m., with each jump taking about four minutes. He climbed to 2,000 feet of altitude in one minute on a fast turbine aircraft, and then returned to the ground in about two minutes, changing gear in one minute and then getting back into the plane.

After opening the canopy Burkart utilizes a carabiner to connect the steering toggles so he can steer with one arm. If he pushes to the right the canopy goes left, if he pushes to the left the canopy goes right. For his quick turn fast skydives he adds a stirrup that drops down to his right foot that he uses to put the canopy in a spin to quickly return to earth. Skydive Twin Cities provided the staff, pilots and ground crew to keep Burkart jumping.

Proceeds from the event are shared equally by the National Parkinson Foundation of Minnesota, providing care today for those living with the disease, and the National Parkinson Foundation that is trying to find a cure for tomorrow.