Gillette Children's Healthcare Press opens a chapter

Gillette Children's Healthcare Press opens a chapter

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare has launched its first book on its new publishing platform, Gillette Children’s Healthcare Press. The inaugural book is authored by Lily Collison, a Gillette patient mother, who details her family’s journey and the treatments and therapies of her son Tommy. Tommy is a longtime Gillette patient who has cerebral palsy. The book launch coincided with March as Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. 

Lily Collison’s book will be the first book to be published on Gillette Children’s Healthcare Press, the first pediatric health care press in the state of Minnesota. Gillette Children’s Healthcare Press will publish more educational books from the experts and advocates at Gillette in the coming months and years. Books will be available for purchase at 

Cerebral palsy is the most common cause of childhood-onset, lifelong physical disability. Approximately one-third of those with cerebral palsy, or about six million people worldwide, have the subtype spastic diplegia, including Tommy Collison. 

Collison wrote Spastic Diplegia—Bilateral Cerebral Palsy to educate and empower patients and the parents of children who have cerebral palsy who are seeking more information on how to best manage the condition. 

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare is internationally-renowned for its expertise in cerebral palsy and is a treatment destination for patients with this condition. Gillette sees more than 4,100 patients who have cerebral palsy each year and in 2019 treated children from 41 states and 15 countries.