Go on the hunt

Go on the hunt

When rolling around his neighborhood in south Minneapolis the last 19 months during the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Michael Sack noticed that multiple sidewalks and curb cuts are inaccessible to wheelchair, walker, and cane users. After reporting a curb cut on his block and having it fixed in June, he created a Facebook group called Minneapolis Sidewalk Repair Hunters.

The City of Minneapolis is willing to fix inadequate sidewalks and curb cuts, but crews just need to know where problems are. The purpose of the Facebook group is to have residents report sidewalk obstructions and bumps so those problems can be submitted to the city to start the repair process. The other feature that the group provides is a place where residents can talk about how to make Minneapolis more accessible to all.

Everyone is welcome to join. People not from Minneapolis can join and share ideas for their home communities.

When everyone comes together, anything is possible including knocking down barriers and opening up access. That is why the group’s motto is: Improved Sidewalks Equals Better Access!

Anyone interested in learning more or want to join this community-led movement, please visit facebook.com/groups/sidewalkhunters. Or visit the website https://www.mplssrh.org/