Group seeks new members

Do you use the Midtown Greenway in Minneapolis? If that greenway extended into St. Paul, what features would make it easier to use? Or are you interested in better connections for bicyclists and pedestrians in St. Paul’s western neighborhoods? St. Paul Smart Trips is setting up an advisory group to discuss extending the greenway from Minneapolis into St. Paul, through the Merriam Park and Midway areas, to connect with future bike and pedestrian improvements along Ayd Mill Road. Persons with disabilities are sought to be part of the planning effort. The route eyed would cross an existing rail bridge between the Marshall and Franklin bridges over the Mississippi River, and then follow the rail line to the Ayd Mill Road corridor.

St. Paul Smart Trips is a transportation advocacy group that includes the former Midway and downtown St. Paul Transportation Management Organizations (TMO). The advisory group is especially interested in input from trail users who are disabled, said Laura Baum of St. Paul Smart Trips.

The advisory group will weigh in on issues including accessibility, lighting, access points, trail width and design features. The Midtown Greenway is a popular Minneapolis trail that follows a former rail line just north of Lake Street. It was recently extended along Hiawatha Avenue to connect with West River Parkway.

Anyone interested in the trail can contact St. Paul Smart Trips at 651-224-8555. Or check