He Gave Me Life

Kirk Kilgour was an Olympic medallist and volleyball player. After sustaining a complete spinal cord injury that left him quadriplegic, Kirk has continued his involvement in the sports world in Italy where he played professionally. He has also appeared here in the United States as an analyst on various sports shows. Another endeavor Kirk undertook was writing, including poetry. In a recent issue of Complete Mobility, a national magazine focused on disabilities, Kirk tells his account of accepting an invitation to meet Pope John Paul II at the Vatican in Rome.  This is a very inspiring article that I recommend to Access Press readers.

One of the reasons for His Holiness’ invitation was a poem Kirk wrote about his evolving acknowledgment of his spinal cord injury and how he felt about his life as “one of us.” His poem follows and, in my mind, shows his Spirituality, serving as an example to me. Kirk says he does not wear faith on his sleeve, but his poetry says there is depth to Mr. Kirk Kilgour.

I asked God to let me be strong
to accomplish grandiose projects:
and he made me weak to keep me humble.
I asked God to make me healthy
to realize imposing enterprises:
and He gave me Pain to better understand.
I asked Him for wealth to possess everything:
and He left me poor not to be selfish.
I asked Him for power to be needed by others:
and He gave me humiliation so that I would need them.
I asked God everything to enjoy life:
and He gave me life so that I could enjoy everything.
Lord, I didn’t get everything I needed
almost against my will.
The prayers I didn’t Pray were granted.
Be praised, God.  Among all men,
No one possesses more than I possess.

Kirk Kilgour
(Translated by Kilgour and an Italian friend.)

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