Help For Disabled Beneficiaries

Disabled Social Security beneficiaries whose benefits have ended because of earnings from work and who have, again become unable to work because of their medical condition may now request reinstatement of benefits without filing a new disability application.

This expedited reinstatement of benefits is a welcome provision of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 (TWWIIA). The various provisions of this law assure that more Americans with disabilities have the opportunity to participate in the workforce and lessen their dependence on public benefits.

To take advantage of this provision, beneficiaries must be unable to work because of their medical condition. They must file the request for reinstatement of their benefits with Social Security within 60 months from the month their benefits terminated.

Beneficiaries may receive provisional (temporary) benefits–as well as Medicare and Medicaid–for up to six months while their case is being reviewed by Social Security using the medical improvement review standard. If they are found not disabled, these temporary benefits will generally not be considered an overpayment.