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Some years ago, a friend told me about a Navy procedure for passing cargo between ships at sea, and for […]

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Some years ago, a friend told me about a Navy procedure for passing cargo between ships at sea, and for allowing small tugboats to pull huge barges into ports.  In both situations a high line is used.  This connection is achieved by throwing a light line, with a weight on one end, onto the other ship.  Next a heavier line is attached to the first line and this new line is pulled over.  This continues until the desired line strength is stretched between the two ships.  At this point, cargo can be sent between ships, or a tugboat can tow a larger ship.

This created a wonderful analogy for me of individuals initially connecting with each other (the light line) and continually strengthening their relationship (the heavier lines) as they pass new information, emotional support, and new skills (the cargo) to each other.

In addition to this analogy, I think of energy like in a power line when I hear the term high line.  We as humans are made of energy, and my personal belief is that we each have a God spark within us, in the form of our intuition our connection to our Higher Power.  This energy and access to God can flow freely between us all when we re connected by our high lines.

Another belief I hold is that of a Universal Consciousness of Knowledge.  There is a theory that says when a certain number of members of a society reaches a certain level of consciousness, then all will immediately possess that level of consciousness.  This theory has been proven to be true using several scientific experiments, one of which is known as the 100th monkey.  In 1952, a scientist dropped sweet potatoes in the sand for the monkeys on the island of Koshima.  The monkeys enjoyed the taste of the potatoes, but found the sand that stuck to the potatoes unpleasant.  Eventually, one monkey solved the problem by washing the potatoes in a nearby stream.  Her mother then learned the trick and the idea began to spread.
The scientist later discovered that when the 100th monkey learned to wash his potato, suddenly all of the monkeys in that society were washing their potatoes.  An even more surprising thing was soon observed:  the habit of washing potatoes jumped over the sea.  Colonies of monkeys on other islands, and the mainland troop of monkeys at Takasakiyama, began washing the potatoes the scientist had been dropping for them.

Although the exact number may vary, the 100th monkey phenomenon means that when only a limited number of people know of a new way, it may remain the conscious property of those few people.  There is a point, however, when only one more person needs to tune into a new awareness for the field to be strengthened, allowing the awareness to become common knowledge.

When I think of the 100th monkey theory and the idea of a high line, I can visualize a white light (the high line) running between each and every one of us connecting us all together.  I also see different line strengths between different people.  The line strength of our connections is what allows more or less access to this Universal Knowledge, which allows our souls to grow.  I further believe that as our souls grow, through our ability to love others unconditionally and to assist each other in the most appropriate manner, our line strength grows, enabling us to access more of this Universal Knowledge.

Unfortunately, the opposite of this is also true.  The more we hate, discriminate, and judge, the weaker our lines become and the less knowledge we will be able to obtain and the slower our souls will grow.  If you believe as I do that we are put on Earth, in this human form, in order to allow our souls to grow then this hating ultimately hurts only ourselves.

The person(s) our negativity or discrimination is directed toward will only be affected to the extent of their line strengths.  If their connections are strong, they will have access to the Knowledge which will see them through our discrimination.  If this is the case, the irony is that they will actually grow from our negativity because they will gain new, positive skills for coping with the situation while we, in fact, shrink our line strength and deprive ourselves of this same resource.

Now imagine all the people in the world standing around with beams of white light connecting them to each other.  Notice how certain people s beams are hacked away from them like an ax has come down on the end of the beam closest to them.  These are the people who are spending their energy hating others because of race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, and so on.
It is very sad that the individual loses the ability to gain Universal Knowledge.  But the sadder issue is that everyone as a whole misses out.  Each time there is a break in the high line, it means a new connection has to be made elsewhere and this takes time away from the universal growth, so everyone is slowed down!

What we send out to others we will, in kind, attract to ourselves.  When we send hate, we break our high lines and lose our connections to this wonderful source of direction and must then tough it out on our own, learning the hard way.  But when we send out love, we get love back and connect with a wonderful travel guide who helps us to have a joyous, speedy trip.  This truly says that an individual all alone really can make a difference.  Who knows, perhaps one of us is that last bit of energy needed to create the connection that makes the breakthrough!

Ellen Houghton the desktop publisher of Access Press owns Presentation Images, a company that assists others in the selection, development, and implementation of the proper media needed to convey their messages.  Additionally, she was the publisher/editor of “Stepping Up,” a former monthly tabloid newspaper designed to help others explore their spirituality.

  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself, & others from the COVID-19 virus."
  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself & others from the COVID-19 virus."

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