HoodWave Radio is reaching out. Give them a listen!

HoodWave Radio is reaching out. Give them a listen!

Hello, this is Daniel, with Leah, and we are HoodWave Disability Radio. We are looking for organizations and people with disabilities who want to have their shows air on our online station. 

I am working with Conor, Conor’s Corner, and he is co-hosting with me once a month of HoodWave. 

Anyone who wants to be a part of HoodWave, we are looking for co-hosts for our station, please contact us. 

Leah and Daniel Hood met at a self-advocacy conference. They were immediately drawn to one another. Now, they have been married for two years and live on the East Side of St. Paul with their leopard gecko, Spotty. 

For Leah and Dan, independence is critical, but it’s not without challenges. Together, they are exploring their dreams and letting their true selves shine through. “I want to be treated like everybody else – with dignity,” Dan says. “So, I will be able to show my true self.” 

Find us at https://www.hoodwave.org/p/hoodwave-disability-radio-live/ or www.hoodwave.org 

Daniel and Leah Hood 
HoodWave Disability Radio 

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