Hope's beautiful daughters - Gratitude for ten years with A.P.

This column marks the tenth anniversary that I’ve been blessed to work with Access Press. During this past decade I’ve worked with two amazing editors and many wonderful Access Press staff.

It’s on anniversaries that we often reflect back on what’s happened, and wonder about what will happen. This last decade has seen many changes to our world and to me.  And now that I am here, with ten years of sharing stories and characters—and insights from people far wiser and braver than myself, I don’t have any eloquent words, or grand emotions. Just a sense of gratefulness and joy, of how good it is to be alive. 

The readership of Access Press has always been gracious to me, always held the doors of their hearts open to me. They make me thankful for so many things. They make me grateful for both my depression and my MS, for without those two challenges, I probably would never have had contact with all these amazing people. So no regrets.

To me Access Press is about abandoning our shame, and finding our voices. It’s about rediscovering our hearts of courage and reawakening what has always been wise and strong inside us. Access Press is about Hope and Change. I’m so proud to have been a small part of that. 

Maybe the reason I learned to read and write was to share these stories with Access Press readers. Maybe the reason I learned to speak was to say “thank you” or “I love you” to all the people who have shared their hearts with me.

“Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.”  – St. Augustine of Hippo.

Pete Feigal, 612-588-6455