It’s easy to donate to Access Press, to support quality journalism for Minnesota’s disability community

Donations through the newspaper website and through IRAs are two ways to donate. You can donate via GiveMN or Community […]

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Donations through the newspaper website and through IRAs are two ways to donate.

You can donate via GiveMN or Community Shares of MN, by credit card or PayPal. The Access Press website’s donations page has clickable links to make a direct, secure donation using Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. It’s easy to go to the page, select a donation amount and then input card information. You can also donate through Community Shares of MN.

Another way to donate through the website is to use the PayPal site and click that button. Donors need a PayPal account to use this option. A third online giving option, with a link on the donations page, is through the GiveMN or Community Shares of MN website. Every November, Access Press is one of the charities supported through the annual Give to the Max Day.

Nonprofit groups across the state benefit from this outpouring of support. Many people may not realize that the GiveMN option is available year-round. As everyone is preparing and filing taxes, it’s worth mentioning another giving option that can be discussed with a personal tax advisor. Support Access Press with non-taxed dollars, through the Charitable IRA Rollover. It allows taxpayers who are more than 70 years old to make tax-free distributions from traditional IRA’s directly to any one charity. IRA account owners must withdraw a yearly required minimum once they reach the age of 70.5 years, and pay tax on the withdrawals. The Charitable IRA Rollover permits IRA owners to make outright “qualified charitable contributions” directly from an IRA to qualifying nonprofits, including Access Press. This can be done without including the distribution in their income, subject to taxation.

Such charitable contributions can be made up to $100,000 from an IRA. Because this contribution needs to be done through an account custodian and not directly withdrawn, it’s best to talk to a tax advisor about such a donation. Why not ask while having 2013 taxes prepared, as a potential donation for 2014 tax purposes? Contact us at [email protected] with any questions about giving.


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