January 1998 Issue

Legislative Priorities: Disability Organizations Gear Up for the 1998 Session, by Access Press Staff
Access Press Receives Non-Profit Status, by Charlie Smith
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
Health Care: Continuation and Conversion Rights, by Tom Brick
Board Restores Funding to Disability Programs, by Peter McLaughlin
View of People With Disabilities: Cultural or Ignorance? by LeAnne Dahl
Stigma – It’s Worse Than the Illness, by David Markusen
Parishes Made More Inclusive, by Mary Jane Steinhagen
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
New Meaning for Access? Awareness That Chemicals Cause Environmental Sickness & Suffering, by Toni Temple
Chatting on the Internet, by Carla MacInnis Rockwell
Meeting the Needs of Women with Disabilities, by Karen G. Stone
Housing for the Lifespan of All People – The Center for Universal Design, by North Carolina State University (School of Design, Raleigh)


Here’s the January 1998  issue, all-in-one file! (.pdf file)