July 1999 Issue

Table of Contents

Minnesota Leads The Way With New Work Incentive Option by Charlie Smith
Decisions Limit Scope OF ADA by Jeff Nygaard
Editor’s Column by Charlie Smith
Supreme Court Affirms“Integration Mandate” In Olmstead Case; Questions Remain by Bud Rosenfield
Gas Station Access by Margot Imdieke Cross
Cemetary Dedication by Donna McNamara
News In Brief – July 1999 by Access Press Staff
Technology Loans Available by Access Press Staff
“Can’t Find My Way Home” by Pete Feigal
We’re Not Special Anymore by Craig Dunn
Hello Nicole – July 1999 by Nicole
Life On A Continuum by John Schatzlein
Need For Advocacy by Mark Wilde
WIIA Passes Senate by Access Press Staff
New Work Incentives Options by Commissioner, Michael O’Keefe
Minnesotans Compete In Swimming Championships by Craig McClellan and Luke Pedersen

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