June 1998 Issue


Eight Anniversary: The Year in Review by Charlie Smith
U of M Struggles to Comply with ADA: Employees Not Happy, by Judith Gibson
Editor’s Column, by Charlie Smith
Behcet’s Disease: A Mysterious Disabler, by Access Press Staff
The Lovering’s Story, by LeAnne Dahl
Tilting at Windmills, by Pete Feigal
People of FAITH, by Jeanne Dicke
Hello Nicole, by Nicole
Disability Parking-What Are We Willing to Do?, by Margot Imdieke
Local Athletes Fare Well Internationally, by Craig McClellan & Luke Pedersen
Independent Living in the Arrowhead, by Access Press Staff
Reclaiming Our History, by Lolly Lljewski

Here’s the June 1998 Issue. Enjoy!