KSTP Channel 5’s Joe Schmit Talk With Access Press

It was as if you were talking to the guy next door over a cup of coffee or a beer. […]

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It was as if you were talking to the guy next door over a cup of coffee or a beer. He was relaxed, comfortable, yet professional and humble. Everything one would expect from a good friend. The one exception is that this guy has been in the middle of every major sports story in the Twin Cities, and has witnessed most of the major sports stories around the world for the past twenty years.

When I asked Joe Schmit of KSTP Channel 5 which stories had the biggest impact on his life, he commented that they are stories that never made the evening news. They are tales of both the tragedy and triumph of the human spirit that change you forever. They are the kind of stories you can sit and listen to someone tell again and again.

Joe Schmit came to the Twin Cities by way of Wisconsin, but he’s no cheesehead anymore. He has settled into Minnesota life for the past twenty years or so, and has become part of our lives along the way. He recently was promoted from sports anchor to the co-anchor alongside Cyndy Brucato. It is a move that brings both good news and not so good news for Joe. He will miss the sports’ beat, and the day-to-day stories that uplift the human spirit. On the other hand, he will have the opportunity to be home and watch his children grow up since the road trips will decrease.

When asked what his most memorable sports story is, he mentioned a coach at Northwestern University who had cancer and was teaching his students not only how to play sports with heart, but how to live and die with dignity. It was a “Tuesday’s with Morrie” type of heart-opening story that Joe says will stay with him forever.

We asked Joe if Access Press could be of assistance in helping cover future news stories that have a focus on the disability community. Joe is open to having us provide a voice for the way people with disabilities are viewed in the news media. Although there are no guarantees that this will happen, we hope, that by starting a dialogue, we will move in that direction.

As you watch KSTP Channel 5 over the course of the next few months, please give us your feedback about the media coverage for the disabled community. Your comments will guide us in our discussions at the news station.

  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself, & others from the COVID-19 virus."
  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself & others from the COVID-19 virus."

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