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To Gov. Ventura: Nursing Homes Need Funds I am a young woman living in a nursing home   Trevilla of Robbinsdale.  […]

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To Gov. Ventura: Nursing Homes Need Funds

I am a young woman living in a nursing home   Trevilla of Robbinsdale.  I would like to invite you to come here and see what’s going on because nursing homes are, for your information, not just for the elderly!  I heard you speak on Minnesota Public Radio recently and I strongly disagree with your implication that nursing homes are exclusively for the elderly.

I had a stroke at the age of 24, due to sinus vein thrombosis.  I am wheelchair-bound and need consistent care.  I am highly educated: I was pursuing a PhD in Germany when I had my stroke!  I hope you will visit us here at Trevilla, keeping in mind that I voted for you.  We are facing severe budget cuts here and we are told it is due to lack of funding that could come from the state!

I’ve been living here for nearly 2 years and consider it my home.  I’m happy here; they take me out at least once a month to the movies, shopping, or to a restaurant.  I take part in art classes like ceramics and leather workshop, which is being eliminated.  Ceramics is very important to us, and participation has been reduced to a lottery basis.  Sadly, many of the instructors have been laid off.

Transportation, which is a very vital service to us, has also been drastically reduced.  We enjoy weekly shopping trips to Target and the mall, and private rides are also offered.  I’ve used the private ride feature, for example, to go back to Macalester College, my alma mater, to give a talk about my graduate studies in China.  You say your salary is low, Mr. Governor, but you should see how little the good people who work here make!  I guess I’ll stop bending your ear now.
I hope to meet you soon.


Julia Fearing

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