Letter to the Editor – July 1991

To the Editor: I would like to thank Michael Ehrlichman and the RTB board members in making decisions that involve […]

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To the Editor:

I would like to thank Michael Ehrlichman and the RTB board members in making decisions that involve many disabled people within the Twin Cities area. These changes have made quite an impact, especially when the RTB only gave the Metro Mobility passengers two weeks to try and make other arrangements to get to their destinations, when they are in the limited service areas, and also to try to balance their budget to be able to use the Metro Mobility services.

Isn’t there something illegal about a short notice about this? I don’t even think the MMAC office knew in advance. If they did they would have let us know.

Mike, I really think you need to look at yourself for many of the problems that you have created. I have been to many meetings where you have stated that you are the only disabled person working in a transit service. Look around Mike. Where do you think the disabled people are working, and where were you when the 504 was being done? You were no where around. I have a feeling that you didn’t even care about what was going on at that time except trying to save your own skin.

A disabled person does not whine to get a job. They go for it and apply for it. A disabled person does not whine to get a free new van. Many disabled persons are struggling out there to get their own van or to take Metro Mobility to a job which you feel they have no right for it. That the disabled person should be grateful for the service that they receive, regardless of the cost that the disabled person has to pay to get around.

I sure hope that you find some feelings within yourself soon, Mike, for other people and not just for yourself. How about getting rid of the “feel sorry for me” and “look at what I have accomplished” feeling and start helping your fellow neighbors without putting the disabled person down, just because that disabled person has not accomplished what you have. Try putting yourself in a position of trying to apply for a job, or having to pay for a vehicle, without whining or getting help from your political partners out there.

I also understand that you just hired a person to do a survey of Metro Mobility. Is that right? What was the cost, and couldn’t the monies have been used for services of Metro Mobility instead of cutting costs?

Sure hope you respond to this article Mike.

Thank you.

Because of my political views, and using Metro Mobility, I would like to keep my name off. Thank you.

Dear Editor:

I am one of the many Democrats who “crossed over” in the last election
and voted for Arne Carlson.

I am also the parent of a young man who has multiple disabilities.

In Mr. Carlson’s first six months in office, he has cut funds to Metro-Mobility, Personal Care Attendants and education. I feel betrayed.

Mr. Carlson can find millions for business man, Al Checci, but none for programs that aid the differently-abled, and their families.

I will vote very differently next time.


Beth Thompson

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  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself, & others from the COVID-19 virus."

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