Letter to the Editor - July 2001

Letter to the Editor:

It never occurred to me that a chiropractic office would not be accessible, but one such office, Advanced Chiropractic in Golden Valley, is hardly accessible. My transportation company, Metro Medical, refuses to take me there.

For one thing, the rooms are very small, too small for a large electric wheelchair.  There are no curb cuts, and the non-electric double doors are nestled  behind a retaining wall with about 3 feet of clearance!

I had been seeing the kind and competent Dr. Roll for problems with my wheeling wrist for about 4 weeks when the drivers began to refuse to carry me there. I spoke with him on the phone, and he, apologetically, could offer no solution.  I regret not being able to visit him.

Beware of Advanced Chiropractic!

Julia Fearing