Letter to the Editor – October 2011

To the editor: I have worked to get St. Paul sidewalks shoveled in the winter to enable people with mobility […]

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To the editor:

I have worked to get St. Paul sidewalks shoveled in the winter to enable people with mobility problems to use the sidewalks. St. Paul Smart Trips developed a door hanger to tell property owners to shovel their sidewalks.

To get a sidewalk shoveled, a disabled person just needs to call the City of St. Paul with the address. Call 651-266-8989. I have been told that Minneapolis and the suburbs have similar systems.

I live in the Seal Hi-Rise on Raymond, a block north of University. I got the entire sidewalk between my building and the sidewalk (last) winter shoveled to the concrete with the exception of one stretch of parking lot that is zoned residential. It is shoveled better than it has been, but it is not to the concrete. Two people have told me how much they appreciate being able to reach the University 16 bus stop easily. I am on You Tube and Google for my efforts.

It would be good if disabled people knew the phone number to call in their areas if the sidewalks are not shoveled. St. Paul won’t do anything without an address because they need it to identify the property owner.

Linda M. Mainquist
St. Paul


Editor’s note:

Access Press thanks Linda M. Mainquist for this timely reminder. To report unshoveled sidewalks in Minneapolis, call 311 or visit www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/311 For other communities, contact your city hall.

In most Minnesota cities, sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice 24 hours after a snowfall. Not doing so can result in city crews coming out to do the shoveling. The property owner is then assessed a fine.

If you are a senior citizen or a person with a disability who needs help shoveling snow, Minneapolis city officials keep a list of community groups that do shoveling for a small fee. Call 612-673-3004 for help. In St. Paul, contact your neighborhood district council.

In the Twin Cities, call United Way 211 for help with shoveling. Or try www.minnesotahelp.info/public/  for resources for people with disabilities and senior citizens.

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