Letters to the Editor – August 1991

Dear Editor: I have been using the accessible mainline busses this summer. They seem to be pretty convenient and easy […]

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Dear Editor:

I have been using the accessible mainline busses this summer. They seem to be pretty convenient and easy to use as long as you are lucky enough to live or work close to one of the accessible routes.

With the rate increases for Metro Mobility I would think the RTB and MTC would be encouraging people to use this alternative. Why doesn’t the RTB/MTC advertise these routes in Access Press? I would think this would be the ideal place. Has someone from Access Press talked to the RTB/MTC?

Your paper is doing a great job of keeping me informed. Keep it up!

T. Johnson

(We did contact the MTC months ago and their reply was that they didn’t have the budget to advertise. — Editor)

Dear Charlie:

Just wanted to congratulate you on your first year of Access Press. You’ve really done a marevelous job of creating a paper that is informative, readable, and interesting.

I particular appreciate your editorials. The recent one on Governor Carlson was informative. The real shame is making short sightedness of decisions. Health care costs money, of course, but what is the cost of not providing health care? Vinland lost funding for injured workers (fortunately our other funding is intact) even though we have substantial evidence that we save the State money – not to mention saving people’s sense of self-esteem and family life.

Recently I heard Senator Paul Wellstone speak on what he sees as the critical issues of the 90’s. Universal health care was one of his key concerns – again underscoring our disappointment in Minnesota. Senator Wellstone’s overall message was one that really impressed with me – don’t lose your sense of moral indignation. In these times of budget cuts and warnings to be practical, we can not lose our sense of outrage – outrage that children are not given the resources for making the most of themselves, that elderly persons must spend their final years overwhelmed with financial worries, that citizens with disabilities should go without preventative and remedial health care.

Access Press reminds us of our obligation to ourselves and to our community. Access Press fuels our moral indignation. Keep it up, Charlie Smith!


Marty Cushing, Executive Director
Vinland National Center

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  • Wash your hands! Hands that look can still have icky germs!

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