Letters to the Editor – February 1991

Dear Editor: I want to thank your paper for printing the information about the Sports Centers in our area. It […]

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Dear Editor:

I want to thank your paper for printing the information about the Sports Centers in our area. It has been most helpful for our family in planning our transportation and ticket purchases.

We noticed that the new Target Center information was not complete. We made a call to Ticketmaster to find out about accessible seating. They did not have that information and suggested I contact the Timber Wolves number box office. I called there and was very courteously informed about the facility. They told us they would send out information; a brochure about the center and accessible parking and tickets. We received it two days later. It was most appreciated.

I pick up copies of “Access Press” at Courage Center. Thank you.

Dorothy J. Anderson Minneapolis


To the Editor:

The Regional Transit Board conducted its annual meeting on January 22, 1991 for persons wishing to air grievances or make comments in regards to services provided through Metro Mobility.

A number of speakers were not pleased with the low attendance by the board members and spoke accordingly. I agree that more members of the board should have been there, however, at least they were honest in their approach to our needs. I am sure some wonder how many of them just did not care. This attitude was reflected in the lack of respect demonstrated by the Chairman of the Board, Mike Erlichmann.

During the meeting, Mike (I can’t bring myself to address him as Mr. Chairman or Mr. Erlichmann as his position entitles) conducted himself without any regard or respect to the people speaking. He was out of the room longer than he was in it. And during the limited time he was actually in the room he was often having private conversations with other persons. I can’t see any circumstances occurring that should have distracted him so much. We took the time out of our schedules and came to be heard.

Why couldn’t Mike at least attempt to listen to the speakers? His total lack of respect proves the trickle down theory or water doesn’t run uphill theory. The consumers aren’t being served in the manner we deserve. There are many times when the drivers, dispatchers, MMAC and now RTB does not listen to us as individuals. Then we wonder why we have difficulties with the services. The service provided by Metro Mobility is our right. I am not grateful for Metro Mobility, I do appreciate individual drivers and dispatchers. How-ever, Mike’s condescending and patronizing attitude as if we are to be grateful for the bread crumbs he tosses our way with the infinitesimal time he actually listened is not enough for me. Yes, he has heard some of this before but he still needs to respect us and pay attention to us when we speak.

Thanks for printing this letter and demonstrating that my right to freedom of the press is not something I need to be grateful for, but something as a free American that I am entitled too.

Name withheld by request Minneapolis


Question for ACCESS PRESS I have a car with the special handicapped license plates. I was told by another person who uses a certificate that I do not have to pay for parking at meters. Is this true?

Jennie Randall Minneapolis

The Minneapolis Police department when contacted said “people with valid plates or certificates do not have to pay meter charges anytime”

The Sargent Barth of the St. Paul Police department said “at this time vehicles with certificates of the special plates are not required to pay. This may change in the future, because we are seeing many people using cars and vans with the plates or certificates parking all day at downtown meters without the disabled person. These abuses will lead to the City of St. Paul changing its policies.”

  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself, & others from the COVID-19 virus."
  • "Stay safe, Minnesota. Take steps to protect yourself & others from the COVID-19 virus."

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