Letters to the Editor – March 1991

Dear Editor:  I have a problem and I am unsure of where to turn.  My problem is this,  for a […]

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Dear Editor: 

I have a problem and I am unsure of where to turn.  My problem is this,  for a year now I have had plumbing problems in my kitchen.  I now have no ceiling, the problem has gotten so out of hand.  I live in East St.  Paul and twice I have contacted St.  Paul rehab and  paid  a $15.00 fee only to be denied a loan because I  still have a CD on my house.   I have also written to several  senators and  a  city  representative to ask for help but my  plumbing  is still all messed up so it has been to no avail.   I have been  in contact with both The Handicapped Federation and The Metropolitan Center  and  they  have both informed me that there are no  funds available to help me.

I am buying my house and I have found out that there is no one to help  me.   I am living without the city’s costs and help for  my housing,  and now I find out that I would have gotten help a long time  ago if I lived in a city owned building.   I don’t wish  to move, I only want some help with my plumbing.  In 1988 I was in a bad traffic accident and am now unable to work so I am on a fixed income  and can’t work extra hours to pay for the  plumbing  work needed.

Any  help at all would be greatly appreciated as I have exhausted all the known avenues.


Bob Barr
St. Paul

Readers:  It appears it will cost about $1500 to remedy Mr. Barr’s problem.  If any of you know someone, or a service club, that could help in any way please call or write ACCESS PRESS and let us know. — Charlie


Dear Editor

There is legislation that will soon be before our Minnesota lawmakers concerning the removal of architectural barriers from school buildings.  This is exciting legislation because it would allow for a child with a physical disability to be able to access his/her neighborhood school. 

If enacted, the school would submit an application to the commissioner of education including information on why programmatic modifications were not feasible; construction detail, description and cost; building age and market value.

Upon approval of the application, health and safety money or district issued general obligation bonds, without an election, can be used to provide money to remove architectural barriers.

Senator Ronald Dicklich (Room 235 Capitol, St. Paul, MN 55155) and Rep. Jerry Bauerly (State Office Building, St. Paul, MN 55155) are supporters of this legislation.  They need to hear from people who are wanting such legislation to pass.

Please write  to Senator Dicklich  and Rep. Bauerly  as soon as possible to  express your support as well as to thank them for their interest.


Ginny Hanel
Parent Legislative Effort for Accessibility


Dear Editor: 

I have been meaning to write for some time to congratulate you for an excellent paper.  “Access Press” is handsome, well laid out, and packed with information.  You are providing a valuable service to our community.  Thank you.

Jacqueline T. Alfonso,  Executie Director
United Handicapped Federation & The Friends of Handicapped People Association
St. Paul

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