Letters to the Editor - October 1991


I have enjoyed your paper alot over the past year.  I shared it with some of our PTs to show them what political activism can be.  I am now passing it along to our new group that is trying to start a center for independent living.  If you have any good insights on how to get this kind of organization going – send me a letter.

Good luck for another successful year of ACCESS PRESS!


Karen Culp

Traverse City, MI



(Readers:  Any suggestions for our neighbors in Michigan, please contact ACCESS PRESS).

I have been reading your publication for several months and find it very interesting.  One suggestion – how about some articles/information for people with “unseen” disabilities, such as heart condition, lupus, (small) strokes?  Disabilities that are not readily visible to others, but are still physically limiting – at least some days.  Also, since a person with this sort of condition looks “normal” they may not be perceived as disabled, even by people who have been informed of the condition.

Keep up the good work!

R. Root

Eagan, MN


I want to commend you on this publication!  The articles are the only ones that are printed with facts and not distorted politically!

J. Doerffler

Minneapolis, MN

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